Faux BoJo: 'There were points last year where I’d burned my scalp from too much bleaching'

Drew Galdron

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Drew Galdron says being a professional Boris Johnson lookalike is "both a blessing and a curse".

The 35-year-old from Havering has been impersonating the former foreign secretary professionally for seven years under the alias of Faux BoJo, but claims it's "not that good an earner".

An appearance from Galdron can set you back anything from £200 for an afternoon to £700 for a whole day; the most he has made in a single appearance as Boris was £800 for an advertising campaign for EE, which showed lookalikes of party leaders and politicians competing in a rap battle in Whitehall.

"I ended up spending most of that on a Visa application for an American guy who I was engaged to at the time, but that didn’t go ahead, so mostly that was wasted," Galdron says.

The lookalike, who is gay, says his romantic life has been difficult as a result of his striking resemblance to the high-profile politician.


'Most guys aren't interested in someone who looks like Boris Johnson'

Drew Galdron with a Theresa May puppet in Westminster. Image: Samantha King

"I’d like some kind of romantic life that I can consider long-term and enjoyable, but most guys aren’t really interested in someone who looks like Boris Johnson."

An article on a multitude of "saucy offers" Galdron was receiving from both men and women because of his looks appeared in the Daily Star, which has linked him with a new romantic interest.

"Not long after the article went live on their website a guy messaged me through Facebook saying he was interested, so that’s kind of developing from there."

Galdron says his weirder professional appearances include being filmed grappling with a pile of toilet paper for Channel 4's the Last Leg, racing a Ken Livingstone lookalike (who was really named Ken) on a bicycle, and performing the chorus of the Spice Girl's 'Wannabe' in a lookalike band dubbed the 'British Failures' to mark the 20th anniversary of the song's release.

He says his most lucrative year was 2012, the year of both the Olympics and Boris being elected as Mayor of London.


'I’d burned my scalp from too much bleaching'

With the real Boris Johnson in 2009. Image: Drew Galdron

To morph into Faux Bojo, Galdron reveals he simply applies a touch of "concealer and makeup". His mop of blond hair is real - not a wig - with his excessive bleaching resulting in a burnt scalp last year.

"You might think [my hair] is entirely naturally this colour, but as I say to a lot of gay friends, I’m a dirty blond.

"The roots do grow back dark so I’ve had to touch them up," he explains. "In fact there were points last year where I’d burned my scalp from too much bleaching.

"My friends live close to an organic hair salon so I get less harsh colouring treatments to lighten my hair sometimes."

Despite resembling Boris Johnson physically, politically, the pair couldn't be further apart.

A staunch Remain campaigner, Drew, who was diagnosed with autism at the age of 14, says he has found "his purpose" in the world, taking part in anti-Brexit marches, and socialising with fellow pro-Europeans.



Drew with a model of Parliament. Image: Drew Galdron

"Before I was campaigning against Brexit I was mainly campaigning for disability rights," he reveals.

"Having been part of the Remain campaign, and having made so many connections with Stop Brexit campaigners, they have been the people that have really shown I do have a purpose in this world, and I do have a use, and there are people out there who can appreciate my talents and appreciate me as a person as well, rather than looking down on me for my disability."

He says his autism has affected his ability to do "most other jobs", but isn't something he's had to worry about working in his line of work as a lookalike.


Life as a Druid

Drew gets stopped for photos by tourists in Westminster. Image: Samantha King

Outside of campaigning and lookalike work, Galdron follows the religion of Druidism, which has led him to rituals where he has appeared as a "sacrificial goat" and a "spirit of celebration", a role which he says required him to channel both his inner-Boris and Brian Blessed.

Galdron says he's hoping for more lookalike work towards the end of the year, but is focussing on a new project on his website FauxBoJo.UK, which will give visitors to the site a chance to win a free gig, or even dinner, with Faux BoJo himself.

"A new project I’m launching very soon on my website is a sweepstake where you can put in as much or as little money as you want to participate in a prize draw. If you put in £5 you’ll be guaranteed a copy of an album I’ll release of my Faux BoJo songs and if you put in £20 you’ll be guaranteed at t-shirt - a proper collectors' item.

"There’ll be other prizes on offer as well... all the way up to a free gig from me, or dinner with me."