Game of Goves: Is Michael Gove compatible with Game of Thrones 'soulmate' Tyrion Lannister?

Michael Gove

Game of Goves: The politician tweeted his result in a Game of Thrones-themed quiz.

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Michael Gove tweeted that he had been paired with fictional character Tyrion Lannister in a 'Who's your Game of Thrones soulmate?' quiz.

The character is a member of the powerful Lannister family and is renowned for being an alcoholic and a womaniser.

We look at whether the pair are well-suited, or if it isn't quite a match made in heaven.



Tyrion Lannister has a drink in hand at all times, so he probably wouldn't agree with the environment secretary's plans to ban plastic straws by October 2020. 

However, Mr Gove has been pictured multiple times drinking non-alcholic beverages in public, so there is potential for romance to bloom.

In 2016, the MP came under fire for the way in which he drank water, with comparisons being drawn to a picture of Ed Miliband eating a bacon sandwich.

"I would gladly fund a website that consisted solely of pictures of Michael Gove drinking," one Twitter user wrote.

Compatibility rating: 7/10


Leaving the EU

Although the character of Tyrion Lannister lives in a Brexit-free universe, he told his half-brother Jamie Lannister to "flee" the battlefield after a dragon got involved.

Michael Gove was a keen Vote Leave campaigner in the EU referendum, and promoted the message that the UK should flee the European Union.

Compatibility rating: 4/10



Michael Gove was accused of sticking a "knife" in the back of Boris Johnson after launching his own campaign to become Prime Minister despite being a long-time friend and colleague of the former Mayor of London, who was also in the running.

Boris Johnson pulled out of the Conservative leadership battle shortly after Mr Gove threw his hat in the ring.

Meanwhile in the Game of Thrones universe, Tyrion Lannister killed his own father with a crossbow.

Compatibility rating: 9/10



Mr Gove has repeatedly been put forward by political commentators as a potential leader in the wake of Brexit negotiations.

Lord Digby Jones told talkRADIO that Mr Gove could be the ideal candidate for overseeing the remainder of Brexit negotiations and the country's exit from the EU, but stressed he was "not your man" to lead the country in a post-Brexit Britain.

Back in Game of Thrones, Tyrion has served as hand of the King to brother Joffrey Baratheon, and hand of the Queen to Daenerys Targaryen.

If a new leadership campaign were to surface, perhaps the pair could join forces.

Compatibility rating: 8/10