General election 2019: Full list of candidates in England

Friday, November 15, 2019

Nominations have now closed for those wishing to stand as MPs at the next election.

Candidates had until 4pm on November 14 to lodge their nomination papers in order to be able to stand at the December 12 poll.

There are a total of 650 seats up for grabs across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The largest constituency is Ross, Skye and Lochaber. It measures approximately 12,000 square kilometres, and the smallest is Islington North at 7.35 square kilometres.

For the full list of candidates in Wales, click here

For the full list of candidates in Northern Ireland, click here

And for the full list of candidates in Scotland, click here.

Here is the full list of candidates standing in England:



Leo Docherty - Conservative Party

Donna Wallace - Green Party

Howard James Kaye - Labour Party

Alan Hilliar - Liberal Democrats



Wendy Morton - Conservative Party

Bill McComish - Green Party

David Huw Morgan - Labour Party

Ian Garrett - Liberal Democrats

Mark Beech - Official Monster Raving Loony Party


Altrincham & Sale West

Graham Brady - Conservative Party

Geraldine Coggins - Green Party

Iram Altaf Kiani - Independent

Andrew Western - Labour Party

Angela Smith - Liberal Democrats

Neil Taylor - The Liberal Party


Amber Valley

Nigel Mills - Conservative Party

Lian Pizzey - Green Party

Adam Thompson - Labour Party

Kate Smith - Liberal Democrats


Arundel & South Downs

Andrew Griffith - Conservative Party

Isabel Thurston - Green Party

Robert Wheal - Independent

Bella Sankey - Labour Party

Alison Elizabeth Bennett - Liberal Democrats



Jason Zadrozny - Ashfield Independents

Lee Anderson - Conservative

Rosemary Cerridwen Gray Woods - Green Party

Natalie Fleet - Labour Party

Rebecca Wain - Liberal Democrats

Martin Daubney - Brexit Party



Damian Green - Conservative Party

Mandy Rossi - Green Party

Susannah Louise De Sanvil - Independent

Dara Farrell - Labour Party

Adrian Gee-Turner - Liberal Democrats



Dan Costello - Conservative Party

Lee Huntbach - Green Party

Angela Rayner - Labour Party

George Rice - Liberal Democrats

Derek Brocklehurst - Brexit Party



Rob Butler - Conservative Party

Coral Simpson - Green Party

Liz Hind - Labour Party

Steven Lambert - Liberal Democrats



Victoria Prentis - Conservative Party

Ian Michael Middleton - Green Party

Suzette Elizabeth Watson - Labour Party

Tim Bearder - Liberal Democrats



Tamkeen Akhterrasul Shaikh - Conservative Party

Shannon Elizabeth Butterfield - Green Party

Margaret Eve Hodge - Labour Party

Ann Mary Haigh - Liberal Democrats

Karen Batley - Brexit Party


Barnsley Central

Iftikhar Ahmed - Conservative Party

Tom Heyes - Green Party

Donald Wood - Independent

Dan Jarvis - Labour Party

Will Sapwell - Liberal Democrats

Victoria Felton - Brexit Party

Ryan Thomas Williams  - Yorkshire Party


Barnsley East

Adam Gregg - Conservative Party

Richard Thomas James Trotman - Green Party

Stephanie Peacock - Labour Party

Sophie Thornton - Liberal Democrats

Jim Ferguson - Brexit Party


Barrow & Furness

Simon Fell - Conservative Party

Chris Loynes - Green Party

Chris Altree - Labour Party

Loraine Birchall - Liberal Democrats

Ged Mcgrath - Brexit Party


Basildon & Billericay

John Baron - Conservative Party

Stewart Goshawk - Green Party

Andrew Gordon - Labour Party

Edward Sainsbury - Liberal Democrats

Simon Breedon - Social Democratic Party


Basildon South & Thurrock East

Stephen Metcalfe - Conservative Party

Kerry James Daryl Luke Smith - Independent

Jack Anthony Ferguson - Labour Party

Michael Bukola - Liberal Democrats



Maria Miller - Conservative Party

Jonathan Edward Jenkin - Green Party

Alan Harvey Stone - Independent

Kerena Marchan - Labour Party

Sashi Mylvaganam - Liberal Democrats



Brendan Clarke-Smith - Conservative Party

Keir Alexander Morrison - Labour Party

Helen Tamblyn-Saville - Liberal Democrats

Debbie Soloman - Brexit Party



Annabel Tall - Conservative Party

Bill Blockhead - Independent

Mike Davies - Labour Party

Wera Hobhouse - Liberal Democrats

Jimi Ogunnusi - Brexit Party


Batley & Spen

Mark James Brooks - Conservative Party

Ty Akram - Green Party

Paul Damien Halloran - Batley Borough Independents - Heavy Woollen District

Tracy Brabin - Labour Party

John Lawson - Liberal Democrats

Clive Minihan - Brexit Party



Kim Caddy - Conservative Party

Lois Davis - Green Party

Marsha de Cordova - Labour Party

Mark Gitsham - Liberal Democrats

Jake Thomas - Brexit Party



Joy Morrissey - Conservative Party

Zoe Hatch - Green Party

Adam David Cleary - Independent

Dominic Grieve - Independent

Alexa Collins - Labour Party



Bob Stewart - Conservative Party

Ruth Fabricant - Green Party

Marina Ahmad - Labour Party

Chloe-Jane Ross - Liberal Democrats



Ryan Henson - Conservative Party

Adrian Spurrell - Green Party

Mohammad Yasin - Labour Party

Henry Vann - Liberal Democrats

Charles Spencer Bunker - Brexit Party


Bedfordshire Mid

Nadine Dorries - Conservative Party

Gareth Ellis - Green Party

Alan Victor - Independent

Rhiannon Meades - Labour Party

Rachel McGann - Liberal Democrats

Ann Kelly - Official Monster Raving Loony Party


Bedfordshire North East

Richard Fuller - Conservative Party

Philippa Fleming - Green Party

Adam Zerny - Independent

Julian Vaughan - Labour Party

Daniel Norton - Liberal Democrats


Bedfordshire South West

Andrew Selous - Conservative Party

Andrew Howard Waters - Green Party

Callum Anderson - Labour Party

Emma Matanle - Liberal Democrats


Bermondsey & Old Southwark

Andrew George Scott Baker - Conservative Party

Neil Coyle - Labour Party

Humaira Ali - Liberal Democrats

Alex Paul Matheou Matthews - Brexit Party



Anne-Marie Trevelyan - Conservative Party

Thomas Leslie Stewart - Green Party

Trish Williams - Labour Party

Tom Hancock - Liberal Democrats


Bethnal Green & Bow

Vanessa Hudson - Animal Welfare Party

Nicholas Stovold - Conservative Party

Mohammad Shahrar Ali - Green Party

Rushanara Ali - Labour Party

Josh Babarinde - Liberal Democrats

David Axe - Brexit Party


Beverley & Holderness

Graham Stuart - Conservative Party

Isabel Pires - Green Party

Chloe Hopkins - Labour Party

Denis Healy - Liberal Democrats

Andy Shead - Yorkshire Party


Bexhill & Battle

Huw Merriman - Conservative Party

Jonathan Kent - Green Party

Christine Bayliss - Labour Party

Martin Saunders - Liberal Democrats


Bexleyheath & Crayford

David Evennett - Conservative Party

Graham Harry Moore - English Democrats

Anthony Ball - Green Party

Anna Day - Labour Party

David McBride - Liberal Democrats



Frank Field - Birkenhead Social Justice Party

Claire Rowles - Conservative Party

Pat Cleary - Green Party

Mick Whitley - Labour Party

Stuart Kelly - Liberal Democrats

Darren Lee Lythgoe - Brexit Party


Birmingham Edgbaston

Alex Wan Yip - Conservative Party

Phil Simpson - Green Party 

Preet Gill - Labour Party

Colin Green - Liberal Democrats

David Jonathon Wilks - Brexit Party


Birmingham Erdington

Robert Alden - Conservative Party

Robert Andrew Grant - Green Party

Jack Dromey - Labour Party

Ann Holtom - Liberal Democrats

Wendy Garcarz - Brexit Party


Birmingham Hall Green

Penny-Anne O'Donnell - Conservative Party

Patrick Cox - Green Party

Roger Godsiff - Independent

Tahir Ali - Labour Party

Izzy Knowles - Liberal Democrats

Rosie Cuckston - Brexit Party


Birmingham Hodge Hill

Hilda Johani - Christian Peoples Alliance

Akaal Sidhu - Conservative Party

Sylvia Jane McKears - Green Party

Liam Byrne - Labour Party

Waheed Rafiq - Liberal Democrats

Jill Dagnan - Brexit Party


Birmingham Ladywood

Mary Noone - Conservative Party

Alexander Nettle - Green Party

Shabana Mahmood - Labour Party

Lee Dargue - Liberal Democrats

Andrew Garcarz - Brexit Party


Birmingham Northfield

Gary Sambrook - Conservative Party

Eleanor Masters - Green Party

Richard Burden - Labour Party

Jamie Christian Scott - Liberal Democrats

Keith Rowe - Brexit Party

Kenneth Russell Lowry - UKIP


Birmingham Perry Barr

Raaj Shamji - Conservative Party

Kefentse Dennis - Green Party

Khalid Mahmood - Labour Party

Gerard Jerome - Liberal Democrats

Annette Willcox - Brexit Party

Thomas Braich - Yeshua


Birmingham Selly Oak

Hannah Campbell - Conservative Party

Joe Peacock - Green Party

Steve McCabe - Labour Party

Dave Radcliffe - Liberal Democrats

Joseph Tawonezvi - Brexit Party


Birmingham Yardley

Vincent Robert Pountain Garrington - Conservative Party

Christopher Garghan - Green Party

Jess Phillips - Labour Party

Roger Harmer - Liberal Democrats

Mary Ann McKenna - Brexit Party


Bishop Auckland

Dehenna Davison - Conservative Party

Helen Goodman - Labour Party

Ray Georgeson - Liberal Democrats

Nick Brown - Brexit Party



Claire Rosalyn Gill - Conservative Party

Reza Hossain - Green Party

Rizwan Ali Shah - Independent

Kate Hollern - Labour Party

Beth Waller-Slack - Liberal Democrats

Rick Moore - Brexit Party


Blackley & Broughton

Alexander Victor Elias - Conservative Party

David Jones - Green Party

Graham Stringer - Labour Party

Iain Donaldson - Liberal Democrats

James Edward Buckley - Brexit Party


Blackpool North & Cleveleys

Paul Maynard - Conservative Party

Duncan Royle - Green Party

Neil Holden - Independent

Chris Webb - Labour Party

Sue Close - Liberal Democrats


Blackpool South

Scott Lloyd Benton - Conservative Party

Rebecca Daniels - Green Party

Gary Ian Coleman - Independent

Gordon Marsden - Labour Party

Bill Greene - Liberal Democrats

David Brown - Brexit Party



Adrian Pepper - Conservative Party

Diane Cadman - Green Party

Lee Shaun Garrett - Independent

Liz Twist - Labour Party

Victoria Louise Anderson - Liberal Democrats

Lisabela Zxywhiddm Marschild - Space Navies Party

Michael Robinson - Brexit Party

Kathy King - Liberal Party


Blyth Valley

Ian Levy - Conservative Party

Dawn Furness - Green Party

Susan Elizabeth Dungworth - Labour Party

Thom Chapman - Liberal Democrats

Mark Peart - Brexit Party


Bognor Regis & Littlehampton

Nick Gibb - Conservative Party

Carol Jane Birch - Green Party

Andrew Elston - Independent

Alan Butcher - Labour Party

Francis Oppler - Liberal Democrats

David Kurten - UKIP



Mark Fletcher - Conservative Party

David Kesteven - Green Party

Natalie Jane Hoy - Independent

Ross Walker - Independent

Dennis Skinner - Labour Party

David Hancock - Liberal Democrats

Kevin Harper - Brexit Party


Bolton North East

Mark Logan - Conservative Party

Liz Spencer - Green Party

David Crausby - Labour Party

Warren Fox - Liberal Democrats

Trevor Jones - Brexit Party


Bolton South East

Johno Lee - Conservative Party

David Figgins - Green Party

Yasmin Qureshi - Labour Party

Kevin John Walsh - Liberal Democrats

Mark Cunningham - Brexit Party


Bolton West

Chris Green - Conservative Party

Paris Hayes - Green Party

Julie Hilling - Labour Party

Rebecca Forrest - Liberal Democrats



Tarsilo Onuluk - Conservative Party

Mike Carter - Green Party

Peter Dowd - Labour Party

Rebecca Hanson - Liberal Democrats

Kim Sherrie Knight - Brexit Party


Boston & Skegness

Matt Warman - Conservative Party

Peter Mark Falloon Watson - Independent

Ben Cook - Labour Party

Hilary Jones - Liberal Democrats



Luke Evans - Conservative Party

Mick Gregg - Green Party

Rick Middleton - Labour Party

Michael Mullaney - Liberal Democrats


Bournemouth East

Tobias Ellwood - Conservative Party

Alasdair Keddie - Green Party

Ben Aston - Independent

Emma Victoria Johnson - Independent

Corrie Drew - Labour Party

Philip Dunn - Liberal Democrats


Bournemouth West

Conor Burns - Conservative Party

Simon Bull - Green Party

David Stokes - Labour Party

Jon Nicholas - Liberal Democrats



James Sunderland - Conservative Party

Derek Florey - Green Party

Olivio Barreto - Independent

Paul Bidwell - Labour Party

Kaweh Beheshtizadeh - Liberal Democrats


Bradford East

Linden Mary Kemkaran - Conservative Party

Andy Stanford - Green Party

Imran Hussain - Labour Party

Jeanette Sunderland - Liberal Democrats

Jonathan Daniel Stewart Barras - Brexit Party


Bradford South

Narinder Singh Sekhon - Conservative Party

Matthew Clive Edwards - Green Party

Judith Cummins - Labour Party

Alun Griffiths - Liberal Democrats

Kulvinder Manik - Brexit Party


Bradford West

Mohammed Afzal - Conservative Party

Darren Parkinson - Green Party

Azfar Shah Bukhari - Independent

Naz Shah - Labour Party

Mark Christie - Liberal Democrats

Derrick John Hodgson - Brexit Party



James Cleverly - Conservative Party

Jo Beavis - Independent

Alan Geoffrey Dorkins - Independent

David James Mansell - Independent

Joshua Garfield - Labour Party

Dominic Graham - Liberal Democrats


Brent Central

David Brescia - Conservative Party

William Relton - Green Party

Dawn Butler - Labour Party

Deborah Unger - Liberal Democrats


Brent North

Anjana Patel - Conservative Party

Simon David Rebbitt - Green Party

Noel Coonan - Independent

Elcena Jeffers - Independent

Barry Gardiner - Labour Party

Paul Lorber - Liberal Democrats

Suzie O'Brien - Brexit Party


Brentford & Isleworth

Seena Shah - Conservative Party

Daniel Goldsmith - Green Party

Ruth Cadbury - Labour Party

Helen Cross - Liberal Democrats

Lucy O'Sullivan - Brexit Party


Brentwood & Ongar

Michael Alex Burghart - Conservative Party

Robin Tilbrook - English Democrats

Paul Jeater - Green Party

Oliver Durose - Labour Party

David Kendall - Liberal Democrats


Bridgwater & Somerset West

Ian Liddell-Grainger - Conservative Party

Mickie Ritchie - Green Party

Oliver Thornton - Labour Party

Bill Revans - Liberal Democrats

Fares K Moussa - The Liberal Party


Brigg & Goole

Andrew Percy - Conservative Party

Jo Baker - Green Party

Majid Khan - Labour Party

David Dobbie - Liberal Democrats


Brighton Kemptown

Joe Miller - Conservative Party

Alexandra Phillips - Green Party

Lloyd Russell-Moyle - Labour Party

Ben Thomas - Liberal Democrats

Graham Cushway - Brexit Party


Brighton Pavilion

Emma Louise Hogan - Conservative Party

Caroline Lucas - Green Party

Bob Dobbs - Independent

Adam Imanpour - Labour Party

Citizen Skwith - Official Monster Raving Loony Party

Richard Milton - Brexit Party

Nigel Furness - UKIP


Bristol East

Sarah Dawn Codling - Conservative Party

Conan Connolly - Green Party

Kerry McCarthy - Labour Party

Nicholas John Coombes - Liberal Democrats

Timothy Page - Brexit Party


Bristol North West

Mark Weston - Conservative Party

Heather Mack - Green Party

Darren Jones - Labour Party

Chris Coleman - Liberal Democrats


Bristol South

Richard Andrew Morgan - Conservative Party

Tony Dyer - Green Party

Karin Smyth - Labour Party

Andrew Charles Brown - Liberal Democrats

Robert de Vito Boutin - Brexit Party


Bristol West

Suria Aujla - Conservative Party

Carla Denyer - Green Party

Thangam Debbonaire - Labour Party

Neil Robert Hipkiss - Brexit Party



Jerome Mayhew - Conservative Party

Andrew Boswell - Green Party

Jess Barnard - Labour Party

Ben Goodwin - Liberal Democrats

Simon Nicholas Rous - Universal Good Party


Bromley & Chislehurst

Zion Amodu - Christian Peoples Alliance

Bob Neill - Conservative Party

Mary Elizabeth Ion - Green Party

Angela Wilkins - Labour Party

Julie Ireland - Liberal Democrats

Jyoti Dialani - Renew



Sajid Javid - Conservative Party

Kevin White - Green Party

Rory James Shannon - Labour Party

David Nicholl - Liberal Democrats



Charles Walker - Conservative Party

Nicholas John Cox - Green Party

Sean Michael Waters - Labour Party

Julia Bird - Liberal Democrats



David Bishop - Church of the Militant Elvis

Darren George Henry - Conservative Party

Amy Beth Dalla Mura - English Democrats

Kat Boettge - Green Party

Teck Khong - Independent

Greg Marshall - Labour Party

Anna Soubry - Independent Group for Change



Greg Smith - Conservative Party

Antonio Daniel Vitello - English Democrats

Ned Stephen Thompson - Independent

David Morgan - Labour Party

Stephen Dorrell - Liberal Democrats

Andrew Bell - Brexit Party



Charlie Briggs -  Burnley and Padiham Independent Party

Antony Higginbotham - Conservative Party

Laura Fisk - Green Party

Karen Helsby Entwistle - Independent

Julie Cooper - Labour Party

Gordon Birtwistle - Liberal Democrats

Stewart Ian Scott - Brexit Party



Kate Elizabeth Griffiths - Conservatives Party

Kate Copeland - Green Party

Louise Walker - Labour Party

Adam Wain - Liberal Democrats


Bury North

James Daly - Conservative Party 

Charlie Allen - Green Party

James Frith - Labour Party

Gareth David Lee Lloyd-Johnson - Liberal Democrats

Alan Michael McCarthy - Brexit Party


Bury South

Christian Wakeford - Conservative Party

Glyn Heath - Green Party

Michael Boyle - Independent

Ivan Lewis - Independent

Lucy Burke - Labour Party

Richard Kilpatrick - Liberal Democrats

Andrea Livesey - Brexit Party

Gemma Evans - Women's Equality Party


Bury St Edmunds

Jo Churchill - Conservative Party

Helen Geake - Green Party

Paul Hopfensperger - Independent

Cliff Waterman - Labour Party


Calder Valley

Craig Whittaker - Conservative Party

Joshua Fenton-Glynn - Labour Party

Javed Bashir - Liberal Democrats

Richard Phillips - The Liberal Party


Camberwell & Peckham

Peter James Quentin - Conservative Party

Claire Sheppard - Green Party

Harriet Harman - Labour Party

Julia Ogiehor - Liberal Democrats

Jean-Claude Cass-Horne - Brexit Party

Joshua Ogunleye - Workers Revolutionary Party


Camborne & Redruth

George Eustice - Conservative Party

Karen Margaret La Borde - Green Party

Paul Lea Farmer - Labour Party

Florence Elizabeth Macdonald - Liberal Democrats

Paul Thomas Holmes - The Liberal Party



Russell Perrin - Conservative Party

Jeremy Caddick - Green Party

Miles Hurley - Independent

Daniel Zeichner - Labour Party

Rod Cantrill - Liberal Democrats

Keith Garrett - Rebooting Democracy

Jane Elizabeth Robins - Social Democratic Party

Peter Dawe - Brexit Party


Cambridgeshire North East

Steve Barclay - Conservative Party

Ruth Johnson - Green Party

Diane Boyd - Labour Party

Rupert Moss-Eccardt - Liberal Democrats


Cambridgeshire North West

Shailesh Vara - Conservative Party

Nicola Day - Green Party

Cathy Cordiner-Achenbach - Labour Party

Bridget Smith - Liberal Democrats


Cambridgeshire South

Anthony Browne - Conservative Party

Dan Greef - Labour Party

Ian Sollom - Liberal Democrats


Cambridgeshire South East

Lucy Frazer - Conservative Party

Edmund John Fordham - Independent

James Bull - Labour Party

Pippa Heylings - Liberal Democrats


Cannock Chase

Amanda Milling - Conservative Party

Paul Woodhead - Green Party

Anne Denise Hobbs - Labour Party



Anna Firth - Conservative Party

Michael James Gould - Independent

Rosie Duffield - Labour Party

Claire Malcomson - Liberal Democrats



John Stevenson - Conservative Party

Ruth Alcroft - Labour Party

Julia Aglionby - Liberal Democrats

Fiona Mills - UKIP


Carshalton & Wallington

Ashley Dickenson - Christian Peoples Alliance

Elliot Colburn - Conservative Party

Tracey Hague - Green Party

Ahmad Nawaz Wattoo - Labour Party

Tom Brake - Liberal Democrats

James Woudhuysen - Brexit Party


Castle Point

Rebecca Harris - Conservative Party

Katie Curtis - Labour Party

John Howson - Liberal Democrats



Edward Argar - Conservative Party

Laurie Needham - Green Party

Gary Godden - Labour Party

Kate Tipton - Liberal Democrats


Chatham & Aylesford

John Wesley Gibson - Christian Peoples Alliance

Tracey Crouch - Conservative Party

Geoff Wilkinson - Green Party

Vince Maple - Labour Party

David Naghi - Liberal Democrats



Mary Robinson - Conservative Party

Zahid Chauhan - Labour Party

Tom Morrison - Liberal Democrats



Vicky Ford - Conservative Party

Penny Richards - Labour Party

Marie Goldman - Liberal Democrats

Mark Alan Lawrence - Official Monster Raving Loony Party


Chelsea & Fulham

Sam Morland - Animal Welfare Party

Greg Hands - Conservative Party

Matt Uberoi - Labour Party

Nicola Horlick - Liberal Democrats



Alex Chalk - Conservative Party

George Penny - Labour Party

Max Wilkinson - Liberal Democrats

George Ridgeon - Official Monster Raving Loony Party


Chesham & Amersham

Cheryl Gillan - Conservative Party

Alan Booth - Green Party

Matt Turmaine - Labour Party

Dan Gallagher - Liberal Democrats


Chester, City of

Samantha George - Conservative Party

Nicholas James Brown - Green Party

Chris Matheson - Labour Party

Bob Thompson - Liberal Democrats

Andy Argyle - Brexit Party



Leigh Higgins - Conservative Party

Neil Jackson - Green Party

John Daramy - Independent

Toby Perkins - Labour Party

Emily Jane Coy - Liberal Democrats

John Scotting - Brexit Party



Gillian Keegan - Conservaitve Party

Heather Barrie - Green Party

Jay Morton - Labour Party

Kate O'Kelly - Liberal Democrats

Adam Gregory Brown - Libertarian Party

Andrew Emerson - PATRIA 


Chingford & Woodford Green

Iain Duncan Smith - Conservative Party

Faiza Shaheen - Labour Party

Geoff Seeff - Liberal Democrats



Michelle Donelan - Conservative Party

Martha Patricia Anachury - Labour Party

Helen Belcher - Liberal Democrats


Chipping Barnet

John Anthony Sheffield - Advance Together

Theresa Villiers - Conservative Party

Gabrielle Bailey - Green Party

Emma Whysall - Labour Party

Isabelle Amanda Parasram - Liberal Democrats



James Fletcher Melling - Green Party

Mark Brexit-Smith - Independent

Lindsay Hoyle - Speaker seeking re-election



Christopher Chope - Conservative Party

Chris Rigby - Green Party

Andrew Dunne - Labour Party

Michael Francis Cox - Liberal Democrats


Cities of London & Westminster

Jill McLachlan - Christian Peoples Alliance

Nickie Aiken - Conservative Party

Zack Polanski - Green Party

Gordon Nardell - Labour Party

Chuka Umunna - Liberal Democrats

Dirk van Heck - The Liberal Party



Giles Watling - Conservative Party

Chris Southall - Green Party

Colin Leslie Bennett - Independent

Andy Morgan - Independent

Kevin Bonavia - Labour Party

Callum Robertson - Liberal Democrats

Just-John Sexton - Official Monster Raving Loony Party



Martin Vickers - Conservative Party

Jodi Shanahan - Green Party

Ros James - Labour Party

Roy Horobin - Liberal Democrats



Will Quince - Conservative Party

Mark Goacher - Green Party

Tina McKay - Labour Party

Martin Goss - Liberal Democrats


Colne Valley

Jason McCartney - Conservative Party

Darryl Paul Anthony Gould - Green Party

Colin Bryan Peel - Independent

Thelma Walker - Labour Party

Cahal Burke - Liberal Democrats

Sue Harrison - Brexit Party

Melanie Roberts - UKIP

Owen Aspinall - Yorkshire Party



Jane Smith - Animal Welfare Party

Fiona Bruce - Conservative Party

Rich McCarthy - Green Party

Jo Dale - Labour Party

Paul Duffy - Liberal Democrats



Trudy Harrison - Conservative Party

Jack Lenox - Green Party

Tony Lywood - Labour Party

John Studholme - Liberal Democrats



Tom Pursglove - Conservative Party

Beth Miller - Labour Party

Chris Stanbra - Liberal Democrats


Cornwall North

Scott Mann - Conservative Party

Joy Anne Bassett - Labour Party

Danny Chambers - Liberal Democrats

Elmars Vilnis Liepens - The Liberal Party


Cornwall South East

Sheryll Murray - Conservative Party

Martha Ajan Green - Green Party

Gareth Gwyn James Derrick - Labour Party

Colin Edward Martin - Liberal Democrats

Jay Latham - The Liberal Party


Cotswolds, The

Geoffrey Robert Clifton-Brown - Conservative Party

Sabrina Helen Marie Poole - Green Party

Alan John Mackenzie - Labour Party

Liz Webster - Liberal Democrats


Coventry North East

Sophie Richards - Conservative Party

Matthew Handley - Green Party

Colleen Fletcher - Labour Party

Nukey Proctor - Liberal Democrats

Iddrisu Sufyan - Brexit Party


Coventry North West

Clare Golby - Conservative Party

Stephen Gray - Green Party

Taiwo Owatemi - Labour Party

Joshua David Richardson - Brexit Party


Coventry South

Mattie Heaven - Conservative Party

Becky Finlayson - Green Party

Ed Manning - Independent

Zarah Sultana - Labour Party

Stephen John Richmond - Liberal Democrats

James Phillip Crocker - Brexit Party



Henry Smith - Conservative Party

Iain Dickson - Green Party

Peter Lamb - Labour Party

Khalil Yousuf - Liberal Democrats


Crewe & Nantwich

Kieran John Mullan - Conservative Party

Te Ata Browne - Green Party

Laura Smith - Labour Party

Matthew Cameron Theobald - Liberal Democrats

Andrew John Kinsman - Libertarian Party

Matthew Wood - Brexit Party


Croydon Central

Mario Creatura - Conservative Party

Esther Sutton - Green Party

Sarah Jones - Labour Party

Simon Sprague - Liberal Democrats

Peter Sonnex - Brexit Party


Croydon North

Candace Mitchell - Christian Peoples Alliance

Donald Ekekhomen - Conservative Party

Rachel Mary Chance - Green Party

Steve Reed - Labour Party

Claire Elizabeth Bonham - Liberal Democrats

Chidi Ngwaba - Brexit Party


Croydon South

Chris Philp - Conservative party

Peter Underwood - Green Party

Olga FitzRoy - Labour Party

Anna Clare Jones - Liberal Democrats

Kathleen Garner - UKIP


Dagenham & Rainham

Damian John White - Conservative Party

Azzees Minott - Green Party

Ron Emin - Independent

Terry London - Independent

Jon Cruddas - Labour Party

Sam Fisk - Liberal Democrats

Tom Bewick - Brexit Party



Peter Gibson - Conservative Party

Matthew Snedker - Green Party

Monty Brack - Independent

Jenny Chapman - Labour Party

Anne-Marie Curry - Liberal Democrats

Dave Mawson - Brexit Party



Gareth Johnson - Conservative Party

Mark Lindop - Green Party

Sacha Gosine - Labour Party

Kyle Grenville Albert Marsh - Liberal Democrats



Chris Heaton-Harris - Conservative Party

Clare Slater - Green Party

Paul Joyce - Labour Party

Andrew Simpson - Liberal Democrats


Denton & Reddish

Iain James Bott - Conservative Party

Gary Lawson - Green Party

Andrew Gwynne - Labour Party

Dominic Hardwick - Liberal Democrats

Farmin Lord Dave - Official Monster Raving Loony Party

Martin Power - Brexit Party


Derby North

Amanda Solloway - Conservative Party

Helen Hitchcock - Green Party

Chris Williamson - Independent

Tony Tinley - Labour Party

Greg Webb - Liberal Democrats

Alan Graves Snr - Brexit Party


Derby South

Ed Barker - Conservative Party

Margaret Beckett - Labour Party

Joe Naitta - Liberal Democrats

Graham Timothy Prosser - Brexit Party


Derbyshire Dales

Sarah Elizabeth Dines - Conservative Party

Matthew Buckler - Green Party

Claire Elizabeth Raw - Labour Party

Robert Court - Liberal Democrats


Derbyshire Mid

Pauline Latham - Conservative Party

Sue MacFarlane - Green Party

Emma Louise Monkman - Labour Party

Felix Dodds - Liberal Democrats


Derbyshire North East

Lee Rowley - Conservative Party

Frank Adlington-Stringer - Green Party

Chris Peace - Labour Party

Ross Shipman - Liberal Democrats


Derbyshire South

Heather Wheeler - Conservative Party

Amanda Baker - Green Party

Robert Pearson - Labour Party

Lorraine Johnson - Liberal Democrats



Danny Kruger - Conservative Party

Emma Dawnay - Green Party

Rachael Katharine Schneider - Labour Party

Jo Waltham - Liberal Democrats


Devon Central

Mel Stride - Conservative Party

Andy Williamson - Green Party

Lisa Robillard Webb - Labour Party

Alison Eden - Liberal Democrats


Devon East

Simon Jupp - Conservative Party

Henry Gent - Green Party

Peter Faithfull - Independent

Claire Wrigh - Independent

Daniel Wilson - Labour Party

Eleanor A C Rylance - Liberal Democrats


Devon North

Selaine Saxby - Conservative Party

Robbie Mack - Green Party

Steve Cotten - Independent

Finola Honor Oneill - Labour Party

Alex James White - Liberal Democrats


Devon South West

Gary Streeter - Conservative Party

Ian Andrew Poyser - Green Party

Alex Beverley - Labour Party

Sima Davarian - Liberal Democrats


Devon West & Torridge

Geoffrey Cox - Conservative Party

Chris Jordan - Green Party

Bob Wootton - Independent

Siobhan Strode - Labour Party

David Chalmers - Liberal Democrats



Mark Eastwood - Conservative Party

Simon Cope - Green Party

Paula Sherriff - Labour Party

John Rossington - Liberal Democrats

Sir Archibald Earl Eaton Stanton - Official Monster Raving Loony Party

Philip James - Brexit Party


Don Valley

Nicholas Fletcher - Conservative Party

Kate Needham - Green Party

Caroline Louise Flint - Labour Party

Mark Lindsay Alcock - Liberal Democrats

Paul Alan Whitehurst - Brexit Party

Chris Holmes - Yorkshire Party


Doncaster Central

Roberto Weeden-Sanz - Conservative Party

Frank Sheridan - Green Party

Rosie Winterton - Labour Party

Paul Horton - Liberal Democrats

Surjit Singh Duhre - Brexit Party

Leon Sean French - Yorkshire Party


Doncaster North

Katrina Louise Sale - Conservative Party

Frank Lloyd Calladine - English Democrats

Wendy Bailey - Independent

Eddie Todd - Independent

Neil James Wood - Independent

Ed Miliband - Labour Party

Joe Otten - Liberal Democrats

Andrew Stewart - Brexit Party

Stevie Shaun Manion - Yorkshire Party


Dorset Mid & Poole North

Michael Tomlinson - Conservative Party

Natalie Carswell - Green Party

Joanne Oldale - Labour Party

Vikki Slade - Liberal Democrats


Dorset North

Simon Hoare - Conservative Party

Ken Huggins - Green Party

Pat Osborne - Labour Party

David Chadwick - Liberal Democrats


Dorset South

Richard Drax - Conservative Party

Jon Orrell - Green Party

Joseph Green - Independent

Carralyn Parkes - Labour Party

Nick Ireland - Liberal Democrats


Dorset West

Chris Loder - Conservative Party

Kelvin Charles Clayton - Green Party

Claudia Catherine Sorin - Labour Party

Edward Morello - Liberal Democrats



Natalie Elphicke - Conservative Party

Beccy Sawbridge - Green Party

Nathan Mark Sutton - Independent

Charlotte Corne - Labour Party

Simon Dodd - Liberal Democrats

Eljai Morais - Women's Equality Party


Dudley North

Marco Longhi - Conservative Party

Mike Harrison - Green Party

Melanie Dudley - Labour Party

Ian Flynn - Liberal Democrats


Dudley South

Mike Wood - Conservative Party

Cate Mohr - Green Party

Lucy Caldicott - Labour Party

Jonathan Bramall - Liberal Democrats


Dulwich & West Norwood

Anthony Paul Hodgson - Christian Peoples Alliance

Jane Barbara Lyons - Conservative Party

Jonathan Bartley - Green Party

Helen Hayes - Labour Party

Julia Caroline Stephenson - Brexit Party

John Kenneth Plume - UKIP


Durham North

Ed Parson - Conservative Party

Derek Anthony Morse - Green Party

Ken Rollings - Independent

Kevan Jones - Labour Party

Craig Martin - Liberal Democrats

Peter Telford - Brexit Party


Durham North West

Richard Holden - Conservative Party

David Sewell - Green Party

David Alexander Stephen Lindsay - Independent

Watts Stelling - Independent

Laura Pidcock - Labour Party

Michael Keith Peacock - Liberal Democrats

John Wolstenholme - Brexit Party


Durham, City of

William Harvey Morgan - Conservative Party

Jonathan Elmer - Green Party

Mary Foy - Labour Party

Amanda Jayne Hopgood - Liberal Democrats

Lesley Anne Wright - Brexit Party


Ealing Central & Acton

Julian Gallant - Conservative Party

Kate Crossland - Green Party

Rupa Huq - Labour Party

Sonul Badiani-Hamment - Liberal Democrats

Samir Alsoodani  - Brexit Party


Ealing North

Anthony Pickles - Conservative Party

Jeremy Parker - Green Party

James Murray - Labour Party

Henrietta Bewley - Liberal Democrats


Ealing Southall

Suzanne Fernandes - Christian Peoples Alliance

Tom Bennett - Conservative Party

Darren Moore - Green Party

Virendra Sharma - Labour Party

Tariq Mahmood - Liberal Democrats

Rosamund Beattie - Brexit Party

Hassan Zulkifal - Workers Revolutionary Party



Clare Ambrosino - Conservative Party

Grahame Morris - Labour Party 

Dominic Haney - Liberal Democrats

Julie Maughan - Brexit Party

Susan McDonnell - The North East Party


East Ham

Kamran Malik - Communities United Party

Scott Curtis Pattenden - Conservative Party

Michael Spracklin - Green Party

Stephen Timms - Labour Party

Michael Fox - Liberal Democrats

Alka Sehgal Cuthbert - Brexit Party



Caroline Ansell - Conservative Party

Ken Pollock - Independent

Jake Lambert - Labour Party

Stephen Lloyd - Liberal Democrats

Stephen Gander - Brexit Party



Paul Holmes - Conservative Party

Ron Meldrum - Green Party

Sam Jordan - Labour Party

Lynda Jane Murphy - Liberal Democrats



Edward Timpson - Conservative Party

Louise Jewkes - Green Party

Terry Savage - Labour Party

Antoinette Sandbach - Liberal Democrats

Andrea Christabel Allen - UKIP



James Andrew Hockney - Conservative Party

Benji Maydon - Green Party

Sabriye Warsame - Independent

Kate Osamor - Labour Party

David Schmitz - Liberal Democrats

Sachin Sehgal - Brexit Party


Ellesmere Port & Neston

Alison Dawne Rodwell - Conservative Party

Chris Copeman - Green Party

Justin Madders - Labour Party

Ed Gough - Liberal Democrats


Elmet & Rothwell

Alec Shelbrooke - Conservatives Party

Penny Stables - Green Party

David Nagle - Labour Party

Stewart Golton - Liberal Democrats

Matthew Clover - Yorkshire Party



Louie French - Conservative Party

Matthew Stratford - Green Party

Clive Efford - Labour Party

Charley Hasted - Liberal Democrats

Steve Kelleher - Brexit Party


Enfield North

Joanne Louise Laban - Conservative Party

Isobel Whittaker - Green Party

Feryal Clark - Labour Party

Guy Russo - Liberal Democrats

Ike Ijeh - Brexit Party


Enfield Southgate

David Burrowes - Conservative Party

Luke Balnave - Green Party

Bambos Charalambous - Labour Party

Rob Wilson - Liberal Democrats

Parag Shah - Brexit Party


Epping Forest

Eleanor Laing - Conservative Party

Steven Neville - Green Party

Vicky Ashworth Te Velde - Labour Party

Jon Whitehouse - Liberal Democrats

Jon Newham - Social Democratic Party

Thomas Bartholomew Hall - Young People's Party


Epsom & Ewell

Chris Grayling - Conservative Party

Janice Baker - Green Party

Clive Woodbridge - Independent

Ed Mayne - Labour Party

Steve Gee - Liberal Democrats



Maggie Throup - Conservative Party

Brent Poland - Green Party

Des Ball - Independent

Roy Dunn - Independent

Richard Shaw - Independent

Catherine Atkinson - Labour Party

James Martin Archer - Liberal Democrats


Erith & Thamesmead

Richard Mitchell - Christian Peoples Alliance

Joe Paul James Robertson - Conservative Party

Claudine Letsae - Green Party

Abena Oppong-Asare - Labour Party

Sam Webber - Liberal Democrats

Thomas Bright - Brexit Party


Esher & Walton

Kyle Gregory Taylor - Advance Togethre

Dominic Raab - Conservative Party

Kylie Keens - Independent

Peter Leondard Ashurst - Labour Party

Monica Harding - Liberal Democrats

Baron Badger - Official Monster Raving Loony Party



John Nicholas Gray - Conservative

Joe Levy - Green Party Party

Daniel Jon Page - Independent

Ben Bradshaw - Labour Party

Leslie David Willis - Brexit Party

Duncan Odgers - UKIP



Suella Braverman - Conservative Party

Nick Lyle - Green Party

Matthew James Randall - Labour Party

Matthew Winnington - Liberal Democrats


Faversham & Mid Kent

Helen Whately - Conservative Party

Hannah Temple - Green Party

Gary Butler - Independent

Jenny Reeves - Labour Party

Hannah Perkin - Liberal Democrats


Feltham & Heston

Jane Keep - Conservative Party

Tony Firkins - Green Party

Seema Malhotra - Labour Party

Hina Malik - Liberal Democrats

Martyn Nelson - Brexit Party


Filton & Bradley Stoke

Jack Lopresti - Conservative Party

Jenny Vernon - Green Party

Mhairi Threlfall - Labour Party

Louise Anne Harris - Liberal Democrats

Elaine Ann Hardwick -The Citizens Movement Party


Finchley & Golders Green

Mike Freer - Conservative Party

Ross Semple Houston - Labour Party

Luciana Berger - Liberal Democrats


Folkestone & Hythe

Damian Collins - Conservative Party

Georgina Treloar - Green Party

Henry Bolton - Independent

Colin John Menniss - Independent

Laura Davison - Labour Party

Simon Bishop - Liberal Democrats

Andy Thomas - The Socialist Party of Great Britain

Rohen Kapur - Young People's Party


Forest of Dean

Mark Harper - Conservative Party

Chris McFarling - Green Party

Julian Burrett - Independent

Di Martin - Labour Party



Mark Menzies - Conservative Party

Gina Dowding - Green Party

Andy Higgins - Independent

Martin Mitchell - Labour Party

Mark Jewell - Liberal Democrats



Edward Leigh - Conservative Party

Mary Elaine Cavill - Independent

Perry Peter Smith - Labour Party

Lesley Rollings - Liberal Democrats


Garston & Halewood

Neva Novaky - Conservative Party

Jean-Paul Roberts - Green Party

Maria Eagle - Labour Party

Kris Brown - Liberal Democrats

Jake Fraser - Brexit Party

Hazel Lee Williams - The Liberal Party



Jane Emma Macbean - Conservative Party

Rachel Cabral - Green Party

Ian Mearns - Labour Party

Peter Maughan - Liberal Democrats



Tom Randall - Conservative Party

Jim Norris - Green Party

Vernon Coaker - Labour Party

Anita Prabhakar - Liberal Democrats

Graham Hunt - Brexit Party


Gillingham & Rainham

Roger James Peacock - Christian Peoples Alliance

Rehman Chishti - Conservative Party

George Salomon - Green Party

Peter Cook - Independent

Andy Stamp - Labour Party

Alan Bullion - Liberal Democrats

Rob McCulloch Martin - UKIP



Richard Graham - Conservative Party

Michael Anthony Byfield - Green Party

Fran Boait - Labour Party

Rebecca Trimnell - Liberal Democrats



Caroline Dinenage - Conservative Party

Zoe Aspinall - Green Party

Tom Chatwin - Labour Party

Martin Eric Pepper - Liberal Democrats


Grantham & Stamford

Gareth Davies - Conservative Party

Anne Elizabeth Gayfer - Green Party

Kathryn Marie Salt - Labour Party

Harrish Bisnauthsing - Liberal Democrats



Adam Holloway - Conservative Party

Marna Gilligan - Green Party

Lauren Sullivan - Labour Party

Ukonu Elisha Obasi - Liberal Democrats


Great Grimsby

Lia Nici - Conservative Party

Loyd Emmerson - Green Party

Nigel James Winn - Independent

Melanie Onn - Labour Party

Ian Barfield - Liberal Democrats

Christopher Barker - Brexit Party


Great Yarmouth

Brandon Lewis - Conservative Party

Anne Marie Killett - Green Party

Margaret McMahon-Morris - Independent

Adrian Paul Myers - Independent

Mike Smith-Clare - Labour Party

James Joyce - Liberal Democrats

Dave Harding - Veteran's and People's Party


Greenwich & Woolwich

Eunice Odesanmi - Christian Peoples Alliance

Thomas Turrell - Conservative Party

Victoria Tracy Rance - Green Party

Sushil Gaikwad - Independent

Matthew Pennycook - Labour Party

Rhian O'Connor - Liberal Democrats

Kailash Trivedi - Brexit Party



Angela Joy Richardson - Conservative Party

Anne Milton - Independent

Anne Rouse - Labour Party

Zöe Franklin - Liberal Democrats

John Morris - The Peace Party


Hackney North & Stoke Newington

Benjamin Obese-Jecty - Conservative Party

Alex Armitage - Green Party

Loré Ruth Lixenberg - Independent

Diane Abbott - Labour Party

Ben Mathis - Liberal Democrats

Haseeb Ur-Rehman - Renew

Richard Christian Ings - Brexit Party


Hackney South & Shoreditch

Mark Beckett - Conservative Party

Tyrone Scott - Green Party

Meg Hillier - Labour Party

Dave Raval - Liberal Democrats

Robert Sidney Lloyd - Brexit Party

Jonty Leff - Workers Revolutionary Party


Halesowen & Rowley Regis

James Morris - Conservative Party

James Windridge - Green Party

Jon Cross - Independent

Ian Fleming - Independent

Tim Weller - Independent

Ian Gordon Cooper - Labour Party

Ryan Priest - Liberal Democrats



Kashif Ali - Conservative Party

Bella Jessop - Green Party

Holly Walker-Lynch - Labour Party

James Douglas Baker - Liberal Democrats

Sarah Wood - Brexit Party


Haltemprice & Howden

David Davis - Conservative Party

Angela Catherine Stone - Green Party

George Alexander Ayre - Labour Party

Linda Jane Johnson - Liberal Democrats

Richard Honnoraty - Yorkshire Party



Charlie Rowley - Conservative Party

David O'Keefe - Green Party

Derek Twigg - Labour Party

Stephen Gribbon - Liberal Democrats

Janet Barbara Balfe - Brexit Party



Xingang Wang - Conservative Party

Alex Horn - Green Party

Andrew Slaughter - Labour Party

Jessie Venegas - Liberal Democrats

James Keyse - Brexit Party


Hampshire East

Damian Hinds - Conservative Party

Zoe Parker - Green Party

Gaynor Austin - Labour Party

David Buxton - Liberal Democrats

Eddie Trotter  - The Justice & Anti-Corruption Party

Jim Makin - UKIP


Hampshire North East

Ranil Jayawardena - Conservative Party

Culann Walsh - Green Party

Tony Durrant - Independent

Barry Jones - Labour Party

Graham Cockarill - Liberal Democrats

Howling Laud Hope - Official Monster Raving Loony Party


Hampshire North West

Kit Malthouse - Conservative Party

Lance Mitchell - Green Party

Liz Bell - Labour Party

Luigi Gregori - Liberal Democrats


Hampstead & Kilburn

Johnny Luk - Conservative Party

David Robert Stansell - Green Party

Tulip Siddiq - Labour Party

Matt Sanders - Liberal Democrats

James Pointon - Brexit Party



Neil O'Brien - Conservative Party

Darren Woodiwiss - Green Party

Robin Lambert - Independent

Celia Hibbert - Labour Party

Zuffar Haq - Liberal Democrats



Robert Halfon - Conservative Party

Laura Ann McAlpine - Labour Party

Charlotte Cane - Liberal Democrats


Harrogate & Knaresborough

Andrew Jones - Conservative Party

Mark Sewards - Labour Party

Judith Rogerson - Liberal Democrats

Kieron George - Yorkshire Party


Harrow East

Bob Blackman - Conservative Party

Emma Wallace - Green Party

Pamela Fitzpatrick - Labour Party

Adam Bernard - Liberal Democrats


Harrow West

Anwara Ali - Conservative Party

Rowan Langley - Green Party

Gareth Thomas - Labour Party

Lisa-Maria Bornemann - Liberal Democrats

Richard Austin Jones - Brexit Party



Stefan Richard Houghton - Conservative Party

Joe Bousfield - Independent

Mike Hill - Labour Party

Andy Hagon - Liberal Democrats

Kevin Cranney - Socialist Labour Party

Richard Tice - Brexit Party


Harwich & Essex North

Bernard Jenkin - Conservative Party

Peter Douglas Cameron Banks - Green Party

Richard Bruce Browning-Smith - Independent

Tony Francis - Independent

Stephen Dennis Rice - Labour Party

Mike Beckett - Liberal Democrats


Hastings & Rye

Sally-Ann Hart - Conservative Party

Paul Edward Crosland - Independent

Peter Chowney - Labour Party

Nick Perry - Liberal Democrats



Alan Mak - Conservative Party

John Colman - Green Party

Rosamund Knight - Labour Party

Paul Gray - Liberal Democrats

Alan Sinclair Black - Social Democratic Party


Hayes & Harlington

Chika Amadi - Christian Peoples Alliance

Wayne Bridges - Conservative Party

Christine West - Green Party

John McDonnell - Labour Party

Alex Cunliffe - Liberal Democrats

Harry Boparai - Brexit Party


Hazel Grove

William Wragg - Conservative Party

Tony Wilson - Labour Party

Lisa Smart - Liberal Democrats


Hemel Hempstead

Mike Penning - Conservative Party

Sherief Mamoun Hassan - Green Party

Nabila Ahmed - Labour Party

Sammy Barry - Liberal Democrats



Louise Calland - Conservative Party

Lyn Morton - Green Party

Pete Wilks - Independent

Ian Womersley - Independent

Jon Trickett - Labour Party

James Monaghan - Liberal Democrats

Waj Ali - Brexit Party

Martin Roberts - Yorkshire Party



Matthew Offord - Conservative Party

Portia Vincent-Kirby - Green Party

David Pinto-Duschinsky - Labour Party

Clareine Enderby - Liberal Democrats



John Howell - Conservative Party

Jo Robb - Green Party

Zaid Yaqoob Marham - Labour Party

Laura Coyle - Liberal Democrats


Hereford & Herefordshire South

Jesse Norman - Conservative Party

Diana Toynbee - Green Party

Anna-Maria Coda - Labour Party

Lucy Hurds - Liberal Democrats


Herefordshire North

Bill Wiggin - Conservative Party

Ellie Chowns - Green Party

Joe Wood - Labour Party

Phillip Howells - Liberal Democrats


Hertford & Stortford

Julie Marson - Conservative Party

Lucy Downes - Green Party

Brian William Percival - Independent

Chris Vince - Labour Party

Chris Lucas - Liberal Democrats

Alistair David Lindsay - UKIP


Hertfordshire North East

Oliver Heald - Conservative Party

Tim Lee - Green Party

Kelley Green - Labour Party

Amy Finch - Liberal Democrats


Hertfordshire South West

Gagan Mohindra - Conservative Party

Tom Pashby - Green Party

David Gauke - Independent

Ali Aklakul - Labour Party

Sally Symington - Liberal Democrats



Oliver Dowden - Conservative Party

John Humphries - Green Party

Holly Kal-Weiss - Labour Party

Stephen James Barrett - Liberal Democrats



Guy Opperman - Conservative Party

Nick Morphet - Green Party

Penny Grennan - Labour Party

Stephen Howse - Liberal Democrats


Heywood & Middleton

Chris Clarkson - Conservative Party

Nigel Ian Ainsworth-Barnes - Green Party

Liz McInnes - Labour Party

Anthony John Smith - Liberal Democrats

Colin William Lambert - Brexit Party


High Peak

Robert Largan - Conservative Party

Robert Hodgetts-Haley - Green Party

Ruth George - Labour Party

David William Lomax - Liberal Democrats

Alan Graves Jnr - Brexit Party


Hitchin & Harpenden

Peter Marshall - Advance Together

Sid Cordle - Christian Peoples Alliance

Bim Afolami - Conservative Party

Kay Frances Tart - Labour Party

Sam S Collins - Liberal Democrats


Holborn & St Pancras

Alexandra Hayward - Conservative Party

Kirsten De Keyser - Green Party

Keir Starmer - Labour Party

Matthew Kirk - Liberal Democrats

Thomas Scripps - Socialist Equality Party

Hector Birchwood - Brexit Party

Mohammad Ali Bhatti - UKIP


Hornchurch & Upminster

David Furness - British National Party

Julia Lopez - Conservative Party

Peter Caton - Green Party

Tele Lawal - Labour Party

Thomas Patrick Clarke - Liberal Democrats


Hornsey & Wood Green

Helen Spiby-Vann - Christian Peoples Alliance

Ed McGuinness - Conservative Party

Jarelle Francis - Green Party

Salah El-Din Wakie - Independent

Catherine West - Labour Party

Dawn Barnes - Liberal Democrats

Daniel John Corrigan - Brexit Party



Jeremy Quin - Conservative Party

Catherine Mary Ross - Green Party

Michael Jones - Labour Party

Louise Potter - Liberal Democrats

Jim Duggan - The Peace Party


Houghton & Sunderland South

Christopher John Charles Howarth - Conservative Party

Richard Peter Bradley - Green Party

Bridget Phillipson - Labour Party

Paul Edgeworth - Liberal Democrats

Kevin Yuill - Brexit Party

Richard Elvin - UKIP



Robert Stuart Nemeth - Conservative Party

Ollie Sykes - Green Party

Charley Sabel - Independent

Peter Kyle - Labour Party

Beatrice Bass - Liberal Democrats

Dame Dixon - Official Monster Raving Loony Party

Angela Hancock - Brexit Party



Ken Davy - Conservative Party

Andrew Cooper - Green Party

Barry Sheerman - Labour Party

James Wilkinson - Liberal Democrats

Stuart Hale - Brexit Party


Hull East

Rachel Louise Storer - Conservative Party

Julia Brown - Green Party

Karl Turner - Labour Party

Bob Morgan - Liberal Democrats

Marten Hall - Brexit Party


Hull North

Holly Whitbread - Conservative Party

Richard Howarth - Green Party

Diana Johnson - Labour Party

Mike Ross - Liberal Democrats

Derek Brian Abram - Brexit Party


Hull West & Hessle

Scott Ashley Bell - Conservative Party

Mike Lammiman - Green Party

Emma Hardy - Labour Party

David Nolan - Liberal Democrats

Michelle Dewberry - Brexit Party



Jonathan Djanogly - Conservative Party

Daniel Laycock - Green Party

Paul Bullen - Independent

Tom Varghese - Independent

Samuel Paul Sweek - Labour Party

Mark Timothy Argent - Liberal Democrats



Sara Britcliffe - Conservative Party

Katrina Brockbank - Green Party

Graham Jones - Labour Party

Adam John Thomas Waller-Slack - Liberal Democrats

Gregory Butt - Brexit Party


Ilford North

Donald Omoarebun Akhigbe - Christian Peoples Alliance

Howard Berlin - Conservative Party

David Reynolds - Green Party

Wes Streeting - Labour Party

Mark Johnson - Liberal Democrats

Neil Anderson - Brexit Party


Ilford South

Ali Azeem - Conservative Party

Rosemary Warrington - Green Party

Sam Tarry - Labour Party

Ashburn Holder - Liberal Democrats

Munish Sharma - Brexit Party

Mike Gapes - Independent Group for Change



Tom Hunt - Conservative Party

Barry Broom - Green Party

Sandy Martin - Labour Party

Adrian Trett - Liberal Democrats

Nicola Thomas - Brexit Party


Isle of Wight

Bob Seely - Conservative Party

Vix Lowthion - Green Party

Karl Love - Independent

Daryll Pitcher - Independent

Carl Feeney - Independent Network

Richard Quigley - Labour Party


Islington North

James Clark - Conservative Party

Caroline Russell - Green Party

Jeremy Corbyn - Labour Party

Nick Wakeling - Liberal Democrats

The Incredible Flying Brick - Official Monster Raving Loony Party

Yosef David - Brexit Party


Islington South & Finsbury

Jason Charalambous - Conservative Party

Talia Hussain - Green Party

Emily Thornberry - Labour Party

Kate Elizabeth Pothalingam - Liberal Democrats

Sandys of Bunhill - Official Monster Raving Loony Party

Paddy Hannam - Brexit Party



Nick Oliver - Conservative Party

James Paul Milne - Green Party

John Andrew Robertson - Independent

Shaun William Sadler - Independent

Kate Osborne - Labour Party

David Wilkinson - Liberal Democrats

Mark Conway - Social Democratic Party

Richard Leslie Monaghan - Brexit Party



Robbie Moore - Conservative Party

John Grogan - Labour Party

Thomas Franks - Liberal Democrats

Matthew Edward Rose - Social Democratic Party

Waqas Ali Khan - Brexit Party

Mark Barton - Yorkshire Party


Kenilworth & Southam

Jeremy Wright - Conservative Party

Alison Firth - Green Party

Antony James Tucker - Labour Party

Richard Dickson - Liberal Democrats

Nicholas Robert Blunderbuss Green - Official Monster Raving Loony Party



Roger David Phillips - Christian Peoples Alliance

Felicity Buchan - Conservative Party

Vivien Lichtenstein - Green Party

Emma Dent Coad - Labour Party

Sam Gyimah - Liberal Democrats

Jay Aston Colquhoun - Brexit Party

Harriet Nkechi Adimora Gore - Touch Love Worldwide

Scott Dore - Workers Revolutionary Party



Philip Hollobone - Conservative Party

Jamie Paul Wildman - Green Party

Jim Hakewill - Independent

Clare Pavitt - Labour Party

Chris Nelson - Liberal Democrats


Kingston & Surbiton

Aphra Brandreth - Conservative Party

Sharron Sumner - Green Party

James Giles - Independent

Leanne Werner - Labour Party

Edward Davey - Liberal Democrats

'Chinners' Chinnery - Official Monster Raving Loony Party

Scott Holman - Brexit Party

Roger Edmund Glencross - UKIP



Angelika Cowell - Animal Welfare Party

Chris Skidmore - Conservative Party

Joseph Evans - Green Party

Nicola Jane Bowden-Jones - Labour Party

Dine Romero - Liberal Democrats



Rushi Millns - Conservative Party

Pål Woodruff - Green Party

George Howarth - Labour Party

Joseph Robert Slupsky - Liberal Democrats

Tim McCullough - Brexit Party

Raymond Frank Catesby - The Liberal Party


Lancashire West

Jack Gilmore - Conservative Party

John Richard Puddifer - Green Party

Rosie Cooper - Labour Party

Simon Paul Thomson - Liberal Democrats

Marc Stanton - Brexit Party


Lancaster & Fleetwood

Louise Thistlethwaite - Conservative Party

Caroline Jackson - Green Party

Cat Smith - Labour Party

Peter James Jackson - Liberal Democrats

Leanne Murray - Brexit Party


Leeds Central

Peter Fortune - Conservative Party

Ed Carlisle - Green Party

Hilary Benn - Labour Party

Jack Holland - Liberal Democrats

William Clouston - Social Democratic Party

Paul Thomas - Brexit Party


Leeds East

Jill Mortimer - Conservative Party

Shahab Adris - Green Party

Richard Burgon - Labour Party

David Dresser - Liberal Democrats

Sarah Wass - Brexit Party


Leeds North East

Celia Foote - Alliance for Green Socialism

Amjad Bashir - Conservative Party

Rachel Hartshorne - Green Party

Fabian Hamilton - Labour Party

Jon Hannah - Liberal Democrats

Inaya Folarin Iman - Brexit Party


Leeds North West

Stewart Harper - Conservative Party

Martin Hemingway - Green Party

Alex Sobel - Labour Party

Kamran Hussain - Liberal Democrats

Graeme Alan Webber - Brexit Party


Leeds West

Mike Davies - Alliance for Green Socialism

Mark Christopher Dormer - Conservative Party

Victoria Helen Smith - Green Party

Rachel Reeves - Labour Party

Dan Walker - Liberal Democrats

Daniel Whetstone - Social Democratic Party

Philip Mars - Brexit Party

Ian Cowling - Yorkshire Party


Leicester East

Bhupen Dave - Conservative Party

Melanie Wakley - Green Party

Sanjay Prem Gogia - Independent

Claudia Webbe - Labour Party

Nitesh Dave - Liberal Democrats

Tara Dawn Baldwin - Brexit Party


Leicester South

Natalie Anne Neale - Conservative Party

Mags Lewis - Green Party

Jon Ashworth - Labour Party

Chris Coghlan - Liberal Democrats

James Dalgliesh Potter - Brexit Party


Leicester West

Amanda Wright - Conservative Party

Anika Goddard - Green Party

Liz Kendall - Labour Party

Ian Bradwell - Liberal Democrats

Jack Collier - Brexit Party


Leicestershire North West

Andrew Bridgen - Conservative Party

Carl Benfield - Green Party

Edward Robert Nudd - Independent

Terri Eynon - Labour Party

Grahame Hudson - Liberal Democrats

Dan Liddicott - Libertarian Party


Leicestershire South

Alberto Costa - Conservative Party

Nick Cox - Green Party

Tristan Naseem Koriya - Labour Party

Phil Knowles - Liberal Democrats



James Grundy - Conservative Party

Ann Maureen O'Bern - Independent

Jo Platt - Labour Party

Richard Mark Clayton - Liberal Democrats

James Paul Melly - Brexit Party

Leon Adam Peters - UKIP



Maria Caulfield - Conservative Party

Johnny Denis - Green Party

Paul Cragg - Independent

Kate Chappell - Labour Party

Oli Henman - Liberal Democrats


Lewisham Deptford

John Robert Lloyd - Alliance for Green Socialism

Gavin Daniel Haran - Conservative Party

Andrea Carey Fuller - Green Party

Tan Bui - Independent

Vicky Foxcroft - Labour Party

Bobby Dean - Liberal Democrats

Moses John Etienne - Brexit Party


Lewisham East

Maureen Martin - Christian Peoples Alliance

Sam Thurgood - Conservative Party

Rosamund Adoo-Kissi-Debrah - Green Party

Mark Barber - Independent

Elder Roger N M Mighton - Independent

Janet Daby - Labour Party

Ade Fatukasi - Liberal Democrats

Wesley Derek Bruce Pollard - Brexit Party

Richard Paul Galloway - Young People's Party


Lewisham West & Penge

Katherine Hortense - Christian Peoples Alliance

Aisha Cuthbert - Conservative Party

James Braun - Green Party

Ellie Reeves - Labour Party

Alex Feakes - Liberal Democrats

Teixeira Hambro - Brexit Party


Leyton & Wanstead

Noshaba Khiljee - Conservative Party

Ashley Gunstock - Green Party

Henry Scott - Independent

John Cryer - Labour Party

Benjamin Sims - Liberal Democrats

Zulf Jannaty - Brexit Party



Michael Fabricant - Conservative Party

Andrea Michelle Muckley - Green Party

John Madden - Independent

Dave Robertson - Labour Party

Paul Ray - Liberal Democrats



Karl McCartney - Conservative Party

Sally Horscroft - Green Party

Rob Bradley - Independent

Karen Lee - Labour Party

Caroline Kenyon - Liberal Democrats

Reece Wilkes - Brexit Party

Charles William Shaw - The Liberal Party


Liverpool Riverside

Sean Paul Malkeson - Conservative Party

Tom Crone - Green Party

Kim Johnson - Labour Party

Rob McAllister-Bell - Liberal Democrats

David Raymond Leach - Brexit Party


Liverpool Walton

Alexander George Phillips - Conservative Party

Ted Grant - Green Party

Dan Carden - Labour Party

David Newman - Liberal Democrats

Billy Lake - The Liberal Party


Liverpool Wavertree

Catherine Riordan Mulhern - Conservative Party

Kay Inckle - Green Party

Paula Barker - Labour Party

Richard Kemp - Liberal Democrats

Adam Heatherington - Brexit Party

Mick Coyne - The Liberal Party


Liverpool West Derby

Tom Bradley - Conservative Party

William Ward - Green Party

Ian Byrne - Labour Party

Paul Parr - Liberal Democrats

Ray Perason - Brexit Party

Steve Radford - The Liberal Party



Jane Hunt - Conservative Party

Wesley Walton - Green Party

Queenie Tea - Independent

Stuart Brady - Labour Party

Ian Robert Sharpe - Liberal Democrats


Louth & Horncastle

Victoria Atkins - Conservative Party

Ellie Green - Labour Party

Ross David Pepper - Liberal Democrats

The Iconic Arty-Pole - Official Monster Raving Loony Party



Philip Dunne - Conservative Party

Hilary Wendt - Green Party

Kuldip Sahota - Labour Party

Heather Kidd - Liberal Democrats


Luton North

Jeet Bains - Conservative Party

Simon Hall - Green Party

Muhammad Yasin Rehman - Independent 

Sarah Owen - Labour Party

Linda Jack - Liberal Democrats

Sudhir Sharma - Brexit Party

Serena Laidley - Women's Equality Party


Luton South

Parvez Akhtar - Conservative Party

Ben Foley - Green Party

Mohammed Ashraf - Independent

Gavin Shuker - Independent

Rachel Hopkins - Labour Party

John Rodney French - The Best for Luton Party

Garry Warren - Brexit Party



David Rutley - Conservative Party

James Booth - Green Party

Neil Puttick - Labour Party

Neil Christian - Liberal Democrats



Theresa May - Conservative Party

Emily Claire Elizabeth Tomalin - Green Party

Pat McDonald - Labour Party

Joshua Peter Reynolds - Liberal Democrats


Maidstone & The Weald

Helen Grant - Conservative Party

Stuart Jeffrey - Green Party

Yolande Ann Kenward - Independent

Dan Wilkinson - Labour Party

James Willis - Liberal Democrats



Nick King - Conservative Party

Sheila John Shaw - Green Party

Yvonne Fovargue - Labour Party

John Skipworth - Liberal Democrats

Ross Allan Wright - Brexit Party



John Whittingdale - Conservative Party

Janet Band - Green Party

Stephen Capper - Labour Party

Colin Baldy - Liberal Democrats


Manchester Central

Shaden Jaradat - Conservative Party

Melanie Jane Horrocks - Green Party

Lucy Powell - Labour Party

John Bridges - Liberal Democrats

Dennis Leech - Socialist Equality Party

Samantha Jane Chadwick - Brexit Party


Manchester Gorton

Sebastian Michael Lowe - Conservative Party

Eliza Kate Tyrrell - Green Party

Afzal Khan - Labour Party

Jackie Pearcey - Liberal Democrats

Lesley Barbara Kaya - Brexit Party


Manchester Withington

Shengke Zhi - Conservative Party

Lucy Bannister - Green Party

Jeff Smith - Labour Party

John Leech - Liberal Democrats

Stephen Patrick Ward - Brexit Party



Ben Bradley - Conservative Party

Stephen Leonard Harvey - Independent

Sid Pepper - Independent

Sonya Rose Ward - Labour Party

Sarah Louise Brown - Liberal Democrats


Meon Valley

Flick Drummond - Conservative Party

Malcolm Wallace - Green Party

Matt Bunday - Labour Party

Lewis North - Liberal Democrats



Saqib Bhatti - Conservative Party

Steve Caudwell - Green Party

Teresa Frances Beddis - Labour Party

Laura McCarthy - Liberal Democrats



Ruth Ellen Betson - Conservative Party

Hugh Alberti - Green Party

Antony High - Independent

Andy McDonald - Labour Party

Thomas Crawford - Liberal Democrats

Faye Clements  - Brexit Party


Middlesbrough South & Cleveland East

Simon Clarke - Conservative Party

Sophie Brown - Green Party

Lauren Dingsdale - Labour Party

Jemma Louise Scarlett Joy - Liberal Democrats


Milton Keynes North

Ben Everitt - Conservative Party

Catherine Jean Rose - Green Party

Charlynne Pullen - Labour Party

Aisha Mir - Liberal Democrats


Milton Keynes South

Amarachi Marilyn Ogba - Christian Peoples Alliance

Iain Stewart - Conservative Party

Alan Francis - Green Party

Stephen Fulton - Independent

Hannah Frances O'Neill - Labour Party

Saleyha Ahsan - Liberal Democrats


Mitcham & Morden

Des Coke - Christian Peoples Alliance

Toby Edward Williams - Conservative Party

Pippa Maslin - Green Party

Siobhain McDonagh - Labour Party

Luke Alexander Taylor - Liberal Democrats

Jeremy Christopher Catterall Maddocks - Brexit Party


Mole Valley

Paul Beresford - Conservative Party

Lisa Claire Scott - Green Party

Robin Michael Horsley - Independent

Brian Andrew Bostock - Labour Party

Paul Kennedy - Liberal Democrats

Geoffrey Paul Cox - UKIP


Morecambe & Lunesdale

David Morris - Conservative Party

Chloe Buckley - Green Party

Darren Keith Clifford - Independent

Lizzi Collinge - Labour Party

Owen Thomas Lambert - Liberal Democrats


Morley & Outwood

Andrea Jenkyns - Conservative Party

Chris Bell - Green Party

Deanne Ferguson - Labour Party

Craig Dobson - Liberal Democrats

Dan Woodlock - Yorkshire Party


New Forest East

Andrew David Knight - Animal Welfare Party

Julian Lewis - Conservative Party

Nicola Jolly - Green Party

Julie Hope - Labour Party

Bob Johnston - Liberal Democrats


New Forest West

Desmond Swayne - Conservative Party

Nick Bubb - Green Party

Jo Graham - Labour Party

Jack Davies - Liberal Democrats



Robert Jenrick - Conservative Party

Jay Lewis Henderson - Green Party

James Baggaley - Labour Party

David Watts - Liberal Democrats



Laura Farris - Conservative Party

Steve Masters - Green Party

Ben Holden-Crowther - Independent

James Wilder - Labour Party

Lee Raymond James Dillon - Liberal Democrats


Newcastle upon Tyne Central

Emily Payne - Conservative Party

Tay Pitman - Green Party

Chi Onwurah - Labour Party

Ali Avaei - Liberal Democrats

Mark Frederick Glenn Griffin - Brexit Party


Newcastle upon Tyne East

Robin Gwynn - Conservative Party

Nick Hartley - Green Party

Nick Brown - Labour Party

Wendy Taylor - Liberal Democrats


Newcastle upon Tyne North

Mark Guy Lehain - Conservative Party

Alistair Ford - Green Party

Catherine McKinnell - Labour Party

Nick Cott - Liberal Democrats

Richard Mark Ogden - Brexit Party



Aaron Bell - Conservative Party

Carl Richard Johnson - Green Party

Carl Greatbatch - Labour Party

Nigel Jones - Liberal Democrats

Jason Cooper - Brexit Party


Newton Abbot

Anne Marie Morris - Conservative Party

Megan Kathryn Debenham - Green Party

David Sydney Halpin - Independent

James Osben - Labour Party

Martin Wrigley - Liberal Democrats


Norfolk Mid

George Freeman - Conservative Party

P J O`Gorman - Independent

Adrian Heald - Labour Party

Steffan Aquarone - Liberal Democrats


Norfolk North

Duncan Charles Baker - Conservative Party

Emma Clare Corlett - Labour Party

Karen Ward - Liberal Democrats

Harry Sebastian Gwynne - Brexit Party


Norfolk North West

James Wild - Conservative Party

Michael de Whalley - Green Party

JoAnne Rust - Labour Party

Rob Colwell - Liberal Democrats


Norfolk South

Richard Michael Bacon - Conservative Party

Ben Price - Green Party

Beth Jones - Labour Party

Chris Brown - Liberal Democrats


Norfolk South West

Elizabeth Truss - Conservative Party

Pallavi Devulapalli - Green Party

Emily Blake - Labour Party

Josie Ratcliffe - Liberal Democrats

Earl Elvis Of Outwell - Official Monster Raving Loony Party


Normanton, Pontefract & Castleford

Andrew Lee - Conservative Party

Yvette Cooper - Labour Party

Thomas Anthony Gordon - Liberal Democrats

Deneice Florence-Jukes - Brexit Party

Laura Marie Walker - Yorkshire Party


Northampton North

Michael Ellis - Conservative Party

Katherine Anne Pate - Green Party

Sally Keeble - Labour Party

Martin Thomas Sawyer - Liberal Democrats


Northampton South

Andrew Lewer - Conservative Party

Scott Mabbutt - Green Party

Gareth Matthew Eales - Labour Party

Jill Hope - Liberal Democrats


Northamptonshire South

Andrea Leadsom - Conservative Party

Denise Donaldson - Green Party

Stuart Robert Mccutcheon - Independent

Josh Phillips - Independent

Genevieve Kitchen - Labour Party

Chris Lofts - Liberal Democrats


Norwich North

Chloe Smith - Conservative Party

Adrian Holmes - Green Party

Karen Ann Davis - Labour Party

Dave Thomas - Liberal Democrats

David Moreland - UKIP


Norwich South

Michael David Spencer - Conservative Party

Catherine Joanna Rowett - Green Party

Clive Lewis - Labour Party

James William Wright - Liberal Democrats

Alexander Donald Gilchrist - Brexit Party


Nottingham East

Victoria Anne Stapleton - Conservative Party

Michelle Kim Vacciana - Green Party

Nadia Whittome - Labour Party

Robert Swift - Liberal Democrats

Damien Stephen Danial Smith - Brexit Party

Chris Leslie - Independent Group for Change


Nottingham North

Stuart Bestwick - Conservative Party

Andrew Guy Jones - Green Party

Alex Norris - Labour Party

Christina Morgan-Danvers - Liberal Democrats

Julian Carter - Brexit Party


Nottingham South

Marc Harry Mykola Nykolyszyn - Conservative Party

Cath Sutherland - Green Party

Lilian Greenwood - Labour Party

Barry Ian Holliday - Liberal Democrats

John Lawson - Brexit Party



Marcus Jones - Conservative Party

Keith Kondakor - Green Party

Zoe Mayou - Labour Party

Richard Brighton-Knight - Liberal Democrats


Old Bexley & Sidcup

Carol Margaret Valinejad - Christian Peoples Alliance

James Brokenshire - Conservative Party

Matt Browne - Green Party

Dave Tingle - Labour Party

Simone Reynolds - Liberal Democrats


Oldham East & Saddleworth

Tom Lord - Conservative Party

Wendy Olsen - Green Party

Amoy Lindo - Independent

Debbie Abrahams - Labour Party

Sam Al-Hamdani - Liberal Democrats

Paul Gerard Patrick Errock - Proud of Oldham & Saddleworth

Paul Brierley - Brexit Party


Oldham West & Royton

Kirsty Finlayson - Conservative Party

Dan Jerrome - Green Party

Debbie Cole - Independent

Jim McMahon - Labour Party

Garth Harkness - Liberal Democrats

Helen Formby - Brexit Party

Anthony Joseph Prince - UKIP



Gareth Bacon - Conservative party

Karen Wheller - Green Party

Simon Jeal - Labour Party

Allan Joseph James Tweddle - Liberal Democrats


Oxford East

Louise Mary Staite - Conservative Party

David Williams - Green Party

Chaka Artwell - Independent 

David Henwood - Independent

Phil Taylor - Independent

Anneliese Dodds - Labour Party

Alistair Fernie - Liberal Democrats

Roger Carter - Brexit Party


Oxford West & Abingdon

James Fredrickson - Conservative Party

Rosie Sourbut - Labour Party

Layla Moran - Liberal Democrats

Allison Wild - Brexit Party



Andrew Stephenson - Conservative Party

Clare Hales - Green Party

John Barry Richardson - Independent

Azhar Ali - Labour Party

Gordon Lishman - Liberal Democrats


Penistone & Stocksbridge

Miriam Joy Cates - Conservative Party

Francyne Johnson - Labour Party

Hannah Ruth Kitching - Liberal Democrats

John Booker - Brexit Party


Penrith & The Border

Neil Hudson - Conservative Party

Jonathan Davies - Cumbria First

Ali Ross - Green Party

Sarah Anne Williams - Labour Party

Matthew Severn - Liberal Democrats



Tom Rogers - Christian Peoples Alliance

Paul Bristow - Conservative Party

Joseph Wells - Green Party

Luke Ferguson - Independent

Lisa Forbes - Labour Party

Beki Sellick - Liberal Democrats

The Very Raving Mr P - Official Monster Raving Loony Party

Mike Greene - Brexit Party


Plymouth Moor View

Johnny Mercer - Conservative Party

Ewan Melling Flavell - Green Party

Charlotte Holloway - Labour Party

Sarah Martin - Liberal Democrats


Plymouth Sutton & Devonport

Rebecca Smith - Conservative Party

James Overton Ellwood - Green Party

Luke Pollard - Labour Party

Graham Reed - Liberal Democrats

Ann Widdecombe - Brexit Party



Robert Andrew Raymond Sims - Conservative Party

Barry Harding-Rathbone - Green Party

David McPherson Young - Independent

Sue Aitkenhead - Labour Party

Victoria Collins - Liberal Democrats


Poplar & Limehouse

Sheun Oke - Conservative Party

Neil Jameson - Green Party

Andy Erlam - Independent 

Apsana Begum - Labour Party

Andrew Cregan - Liberal Democrats

Catherine Cui - Brexit Party


Portsmouth North

Penny Mordaunt - Conservative Party

Lloyd Day - Green Party

George Madgwick - Independent

Amanda Louise Martin - Labour Party

Antonia Harrison - Liberal Democrats


Portsmouth South

Donna Jones - Conservative Party

Stephen Morgan - Labour Party

Gerald Vernon-Jackson - Liberal Democrats

John Kennedy - Brexit Party

Steven George George - The Justice & Anti-Corruption Party



Michele Scott - Conservative Party

Michael Welton - Green Party

Mark Hendrick - Labour Party

Neil Darby - Liberal Democrats

Rob Sherratt - Brexit Party



Stuart Andrew - Conservative Party

Quinn Daley - Green Party

Jane Aitchison - Labour Party

Ian Dowling - Liberal Democrats

Bob Buxton - Yorkshire Party



Will Sweet - Conservative Party

Fergal McEntee - Green Party

Fleur Anderson - Labour Party

Sue Wixley - Liberal Democrats


Rayleigh & Wickford

Mark Francois - Conservative Party

Paul Richard Thorogood - Green Party

David Flack - Labour Party

Ron Tindall - Liberal Democrats


Reading East


Yemi Awolola – Christian Peoples Alliance

Craig Morley – Conservative Party

David McElroy – Green Party

Matt Rodda – Labour Party

Imogen Shepherd-DuBey – Liberal Democrats

Mitchell Feierstein – Brexit Party


Reading West

Alok Sharma – Conservative Party

Jamie Whitham – Green Party

Rachel Eden – Labour Party

Meri O'Connell – Liberal Democrats



Jacob Young – Conservative

Rowan Mclaughlin – Green Party

Frankie Wales – Independent

Anna Turley – Labour Party

Karen King – Liberal Democrats

Jacqui Cummins – Brexit Party



Rachel Maclean – Conservative Party

Claire Davies – Green Party

Rebecca Jenkins – Labour Party

Bruce Horton – Bruce Horton



Crispin Blunt – Conservative Party

Jonathan Essex – Green Party

Susan Kathryn Gregory – Labour Party

John Vincent – Liberal Democrats

Julia Florence Searle – UKIP


Ribble Valley

Nigel Evans – Conservative Party

Paul Ryan Yates – Green Party

Tony Johnson – Independent

Giles Bridge – Labour Party

Chantelle Louise Seddon – Liberal Democrats


Richmond (Yorks)

Rishi Sunak – Conservative Party

John Yorke – Green Party

Nick Jardine – Independent

Thom Kirkwood – Labour Party

Philip Michael Knowles – Liberal Democrats

Laurence Warwick Waterhouse – Yorkshire Party


Richmond Park

Zac Goldsmith – Conservative Party

Caroline Teresa Shah – Independent

John Usher – Independent

Sandra Gay Keen – Labour Party

Sarah Olney – Liberal Democrats



Atifa Shah – Conservative Party

Sarah Louise Croke – Green Party

Tony Lloyd – Labour Party

Andy Kelly – Liberal Democrats

Chris Green – Brexit Party


Rochester & Strood

Kelly Jane Tolhurst – Conservative Party

Sonia Lesley Hyner – Green Party

Chris Spalding – Independent

Teresa Margaret Murray – Labour Party

Graham Colley – Liberal Democrats

Roy Andrew Freshwater – UKIP


Rochford & Southend East

James Duddridge – Conservative

Navin Kumar – Independent

Ashley Dalton – Labour Party

Keith Miller – Liberal Democrats

Jason Pilley – Psychedelic Future Party



Andrew Richard Rosindell – Conservative Party

David Hughes – Green Party

Angelina Gladys Antonia Laura Leatherbarrow – Labour Party

Ian Victor Sanderson – Liberal Democrats


Romsey & Southampton North

Caroline Nokes – Conservative Party

Claire Ransom – Labour Party

Craig Fletcher – Liberal Democrats

Geoff Bentley – UKIP


Rossendale & Darwen

Jake Berry – Conservative Party

Sarah Elizabeth Hall – Green Party

Alyson Barnes – Labour Party

Paul Valentine – Liberal Democrats


Rother Valley

Alexander Stafford – Conservative Party

Emily West – Green Party

Nigel Short – Independent

Sophie Wilson – Labour Party

Colin Taylor – Liberal Democrats

Allen Cowles – Brexit Party



Gerri Hickton – Conservative Party

Sarah Champion – Labour Party

Adam Jonathon Carter – Liberal Democrats

Paul Hague – Brexit Party

Dennis Bannan – Yorkshire Party



Mark Pawsey – Conservative Party

Becca Stevenson – Green Party

Debbie Bannigan – Labour Party

Rana Das Gupta – Liberal Democrats


Ruislip, Northwood & Pinner

Femy Amin – Animal Welfare Party

David Simmonds – Conservative Party

Sarah Green – Green Party

Tracy Blackwell – Independent

Julian John Fitzwilliam Wilson – Independent

Peymana Assad – Labour Party

Jonathan Michael Banks – Liberal Democrats


Runnymede & Weybridge

Ben Spencer – Conservative Party

Benjamin Smith – Green Party

Stewart Mark Mackay – Independent

Lorna Rowland – Independent

Robert Ashley King – Labour Party

Rob O'Carroll – Liberal Democrats

Nicholas David Wood – UKIP



Ruth Edwards – Conservative Party

John William Kirby – Independent

Cheryl Pidgeon – Labour Party

Jason Richard Billin – Liberal Democrats

Matthew Faithfull – UKIP


Rutland & Melton

Alicia Kearns – Conservative Party

Alastair McQuillan – Green Party

Anthony Watchorn – Independent

Andy Thomas – Labour Party

Carol Weaver – Liberal Democrats

Marletta King – UKIP


Saffron Walden

Kemi Badenoch – Conservative Party

Coby Wing – Green Party

Thomas Albert Van der Bilt – Labour Party

Mike Hibbs -  Liberal Democrats


Salford & Eccles

Attika Choudhary – Conservative Party

Bryan Blears – Green Party

Rebecca Long Bailey – Labour Party

Jake Overend – Liberal Democrats

Matt Mickler – Brexit Party



John Glen – Conservative Party

Rick Page – Green Party

Arthur Pendragon – Independent

Tom Corbin – Labour Party

Victoria Charleston – Liberal Democrats


Scarborough & Whitby

Robert Goodwill – Conservative Party

Hugo Fearnley – Labour Party

Robert Lockwood – Liberal Democrats

Lee Derrick – Yorkshire Party



Holly Mumby-Croft – Conservative Party

Peter Dennington – Green Party

Nicholas Dakin – Labour Party

Ryk Downes – Liberal Democrats

Jeremy Gorman – Brexit Party



Paul Howell – Conservative Party

John Furness – Green Party

Mike Joyce – Independent

Phil Wilson – Labour Party

Dawn Elizabeth Welsh – Liberal Democrats

David Bull – Brexit Party


Sefton Central

Wazz Mughal – Conservative

Alison Gibbon – Green Party

Bill Esterson – Labour Party

Keith William Cawdron – Liberal Democrats

Carla Burns – Renew

Paul David Lomas – Brexit Party


Selby & Ainsty

Nigel Adams – Conservative Party

Arnold Warneken – Green Party

Malik Rofidi – Labour Party

Katharine Macy – Liberal Democrats

Mike Jordan – Yorkshire Party



Laura Trott – Conservative Party

Paul Wharton – Green Party

Paulette Furse – Independent

Seamus William John Mccauley – Labour Party

Gareth James Willis – Liberal Democrats

Sean Edward Finch – Libertarian Party


Sheffield Brightside & Hillsborough

Hannah Juliette Westropp – Conservative

Christine Gilligan Kubo – Green Party

Gill Furniss – Labour Party

Stephen Porter – Liberal Democrats

Johnny Johnson – Brexit Party

Shane Harper – UKIP


Sheffield Central

Janice Silvester-Hall – Conservative Party

Alison Clare Teal – Green Party

Barry Edmund James – Independent

Paul Blomfield – Labour Party

Colin Arthur Ross – Liberal Democrats

Chris Marsden – Socialist Equality Party

Paul John Ward – Brexit Party

Jack Carrington – Yorkshire Party


Sheffield Hallam

Ian Walker – Conservative Party

Natalie Thomas – Green Party

Liz Aspden – Independent

Olivia Frances Blake – Labour Party

Laura Gordon – Liberal Democrats

Terence Alan McHale – Brexit Party

Michael Joseph Virgo – UKIP


Sheffield Heeley

Gordon C Gregory – Conservative Party

Paul Turpin – Green Party

Louise Haigh – Labour Party

Simon William Clement-Jones – Liberal Democrats

Tracy Knowles – Brexit Party


Sheffield South East

Marc Leslie Bayliss – Conservative Party

Clive Betts – Labour Party

Rajin Chowdhury – Liberal Democrats

Kirk Lewis Kus – Brexit Party

Alex Martin – Yorkshire Party



Mark Spencer – Conservative Party

Esther Ruth Cropper – Green Party

Simon Rood – Independent

Jerry Hague – Labour Party

Tim Ball – Liberal Democrats



Philip Davies – Conservative Party

Celia Hickson – Green Party

Jo Pike – Labour Party

Caroline Jones – Liberal Democrats

Darren Longhorn – Yorkshire Party


Shrewsbury & Atcham

Daniel Kawczynski – Conservative Party

Julian Dean – Green Party

Hannah Locke – Independent

Julia Buckley – Labour Party

Nat Green – Liberal Democrats


Shropshire North

Owen Paterson – Conservative Party

John George Walter Adams – Green Party

Graeme Currie – Labour Party

Helen Morgan – Liberal Democrats

Robert Jones – Shropshire Party


Sittingbourne & Sheppey

Gordon Henderson – Conservative Party

Samantha Collins – Green Party

Monique Bonney – Independent

Lee Robert McCall – Independent

Clive Johnson – Labour Party

Ben Jonathan Martin – Liberal Democrats

Mad Mike Young – Official Monster Raving Looney Party


Skipton & Ripon

Julian Smith – Conservative Party

Andy Brown – Green Party

Brian McDaid – Labour Party

Andrew James Murday – Liberal Democrats

Jack Render – Yorkshire Party


Sleaford & North Hykeham

Caroline Johnson – Conservative Party

Simon Tooke – Green Party

Caroline Coram – Independent

Linda Edwards-Shea – Labour Party

Oliver William Craven – Liberal Democrats

Marianne Overton – Lincolnshire Independents Lincolnshire First



Kanwal Toor Gill – Conservative Party

Julian Edmonds – Green Party

Tanmanjit Singh Dhesi – Labour Party

Aaron Chahal – Liberal Democrats

Delphine Gray-Fisk – Brexit Party



Julian Knight – Conservative

Rosemary Ann Sexton – Green Party

Nick Stephens – Labour Party

Ade Adeyemo – Liberal Democrats


Somerset North

Liam Fox – Conservative Party

Phil Neve – Green Party

Hannah Margaret Young – Labour Party

Ashley Cartman – Liberal Democrats


Somerset North East

Jacob Rees-Mogg – Conservative Party

Fay Whitfield – Green Party

Shaun Hughes – Independent

Mark Christopher Huband – Labour Party

Nick Coates – Liberal Democrats


Somerton & Frome

David Warburton – Conservative Party

Andrea Dexter – Green Party

Sean Dromgoole – Labour Party

Adam Boyden – Liberal Democrats


South Holland & The Deepings

John Hayes – Conservative Party

Martin Blake – Green Party

Rick Stringer – Independent

Mark Popple – Labour Party

Davina Kirby – Liberal Democrats


South Ribble

Katherine Fletcher – Conservative Party

Andy Fewings – Green Party

Kim Snape – Labour Party

Jo Barton – Liberal Democrats


South Shields

Oni Oviri – Conservative Party

Sarah Jean McKeown – Green Party

Geoff Thompson – Independent

Emma Lewell-Buck – Labour Party

Bill Shepherd – Liberal Democrats

Glenn Michael Thompson – Brexit Party


Southampton Itchen

Royston Smith – Conservative Party

Osman Sen-Chadun – Green Party

Simon Letts – Labour Party

Liz Jarvis – Liberal Democrats

Kim Rose – UKIP


Southampton Test

Steven Galton – Conservative Party

Katherine Jane Barbour – Green Party

Kev Barry – Independent

Alan Whitehead – Labour Party

Joe Richards – Liberal Democrats

Philip Crook – Brexit Party


Southend West

David Amess – Conservative Party

77 Joseph – Independent

Aston Line – Labour Party

Nina Stimson – Liberal Democrats



Damien Moore – Conservative Party

Liz Savage – Labour Party

John Wright – Liberal Democrats



Kwasi Kwarteng – Conservative Party

Paul Jacobs – Green Party

Pavitar Kaur Mann – Labour Party

David Campanale – Liberal Democrats


St Albans

Anne Main – Conservative Party

Simon Grover – Green party

Jules Anthony Sherrington – Independent

Rebecca Lury – Labour Party

Daisy Cooper – Liberal Democrats


St Austell & Newquay

Steve Double – Conservative Party

Collin Harker – Green Party

Felicity Owen – Labour Party

Tim Styles – Liberal Democrats

Dick Cole – Mebyon Kernow

Richard Byrne – The Liberal Party


St Helens North

Joel Ralph Charles – Conservative Party

David Ian Van Der Burg – Green Party

Conor McGinn – Labour Party

Pat Moloney – Liberal Democrats

Malcolm James Webster – Brexit Party


St Helens South & Whiston

Richard Short – Conservative Party

Kai Taylor – Green Party

Marie Rimmer – Labour Party

Brian Spencer – Liberal Democrats

Daniel Oxley – Brexit Party


St Ives

Derek Thomas – Conservative Party

Ian Edward Flindall – Green Party

Alana Louise Bates – Labour Party

Andrew George – Liberal Democrats

John Richard Harris – The Common People

Robert Lee Smith – The Liberal Party



Theo Clarke – Conservative Party

Emma Louise Carter – Green Party

Joyce Edna Still – Labour Party

Alex Wagner – Liberal Democrats


Staffordshire Moorlands

Karen Bradley – Conservative Party

Doug Rouxel – Green Party

Darren Price – Labour Party

Andrew Gant – Liberal Democrats


Staffordshire South

Gavin Williamson – Conservative Party

Claire McIlvenna – Green Party

Adam Ashley Freeman – Labour Party

Chris Fewtrell – Liberal Democrats


Stalybridge & Hyde

Tayub Amjad – Conservative Party

Julie Wood – Green Party

Jonathan Reynolds – Labour Party

Jamie Dwan – Liberal Democrats

Julian Barrie Newton – Brexit Party

John Anthony Edge – The Liberal Party



Stephen McPartland – Conservative Party

Victoria Snelling – Green Party

Jill Borcherds – Labour Party

Lisa Nash - Liberal Democrats



Isy Imarni – Conservative Party

Helena Julia Mellish – Green Party

Nav Mishra – Labour Party

Wendy Meikle – Liberal Democrats

Lee Thomas Montague-Trenchard – Brexit Party


Stockton North

Steven Jackson – Conservative Party

Alex Cunningham – Labour Party

Aidan King – Liberal Democrats

Martin Andrew Walker – Brexit Party

Mark Gideon Burdon – The North East Party


Stockton South

Matt Vickers – Conservative Party

Paul Williams – Labour Party

Brendan Michael William Devlin – Liberal Democrats

John Prescott – Brexit Party


Stoke-on-Trent Central

Jo Gideon – Conservative Party

Adam William Colclough – Green Party

Gareth Craig Snell – Labour Party

Steven James Pritchard – Liberal Democrats

Tariq Mahmood – Brexit Party


Stoke-on-Trent North

Jonathan Edward Gullis – Conservative Party

Alan Edmund Borgars – Green Party

Matt Dilworth – Independent

Ruth Lauren Smeeth – Labour Party

Peter Emil Andras – Liberal Democrats

Richard Watkin – Brexit Party


Stoke-on-Trent South

Jack Edgar Brereton – Conservative Party

Mark Paul McDonald – Labour Party

Rosalyn Jane Gordon – Liberal Democrats



Bill Cash – Conservative Party

Tom Adamson – Green Party

Mike Stubbs – Labour Party

Alec Sandiford – Liberal Democrats



Suzanne Webb – Conservative Party

Andi Mohr – Green Party

Aaron Hudson – Independent

Pete Lowe – Labour Party

Chris Bramall – Liberal Democrats



Nadhim Zahawi – Conservative Party

Dave Passingham – Green Party

Felix Ling – Labour Party

Dominic Edmund Paul Skinner – Liberal Democrats



Rory O'Broin – Conservative Party

Scott Ainslie – Green Party

Bell Ribeiro-Addy – Labour Party

Helen Thompson – Liberal Democrats

Penelope Margaret Kimpton Becker – Brexit Party


Stretford & Urmston

Mussadak Mirza – Conservative Party

Jane Leicester – Green Party

Kate Green – Labour Party

Anna Fryer – Liberal Democrats

Gary Powell – Brexit Party



Siobhan Baillie – Conservative Party

Molly Scott Cato – Green Party

David Drew – Labour Party

Glen Gogerly – Libertarian Party

Desi Latimer – Brexit Party


Suffolk Central & Ipswich North

Daniel Poulter – Conservative Party

Dan Pratt – Green Party

Emma Olivia Bonner-Morgan – Labour Party

James Sandbach – Liberal Democrats


Suffolk Coastal

Therese Coffey – Conservative Party

Rachel Smith-Lyte – Green Party

Tony Love – Independent

Cameron Matthews – Labour Party

Jules Ewart – Liberal Democrats


Suffolk South

James Cartlidge – Conservative Party

Robert Lindsay – Green Party

Elizabeth Hughes – Labour Party

David Beavan – Liberal Democrats


Suffolk West

Matt Hancock – Conservative Party

Donald Allwright – Green Party

Claire Unwin – Labour Party

Elfreda Tealby-Watson – Liberal Democrats


Sunderland Central

Tom D'Silva – Conservative Party

Rachel Featherstone – Green Party

Dale Mckenzie – Independent

Julie Elliott – Labour Party

Niall Hodson – Liberal Democrats

Viral Parikh – Brexit Party


Surrey East

Claire Coryl Julia Coutinho – Conservative Party

Joseph Booton – Green Party

Helena Windsor – Independent

Frances Rehal – Labour Party

Alex Ehmann – Liberal Democrats

Martin Hogbin – Official Monster Raving Looney Party


Surrey Heath

Michael Gove – Conservative Party

Sharon Galliford – Green Party

Brahma Mohanty – Labour Party

Alasdair Pinkerton – Liberal Democrats

David Simon Roe – UKIP


Surrey South West

Jeremy Hunt – Conservative Party

Tim Corry – Labour Party

Paul David Follows – Liberal Democrats


Sussex Mid

Brett David Mortensen – Advance Together

Mims Davies – Conservative Party

Deanna Nicholson – Green Party

Gemma Nadia Bolton – Labour Party

Robert Liam Eggleston – Liberal Democrats

Baron Von Thunderclap – Official Monster Raving Looney Party


Sutton & Cheam

Paul Scully – Conservative Party

Claire Jackson-Prior – Green Party

Bonnie Craven – Labour Party

Hina Bokhari – Liberal Democrats


Sutton Coldfield

Andrew Mitchell – Conservative Party

Ben Auton – Green Party

David Knowles – Labour Party

Jenny Wilkinson – Liberal Democrats


Swindon North

Justin Tomlinson – Conservative Party

Andy Bentley – Green Party

Kate Linnegar – Labour Party

Katie Critchlow – Liberal Democrats


Swindon South

Robert Buckland – Conservative Party

Sarah Church – Labour Party

Stan Pajak – Liberal Democrats



Christopher Pincher – Conservative Party

Andrew Graham Tilley – Green Party

John Barry Wright – Independent

Chris Bain – Labour Party

Rob Wheway – Liberal Democrats

Robert Bilcliff – UKIP



Esther McVey – Conservative Party

Nigel Robert Hennerley – Green Party

James Weinberg – Labour Party

Jonathan Smith – Liberal Democrats


Taunton Deane

Rebecca Pow – Conservative Party

John Hunt – Independent

Liam Canham – Labour Party

Gideon Amos – Liberal Democrats



Lucy Allan – Conservative Party

Katrina Gilman – Labour Party

Shana Roberts – Liberal Democrats



Laurence Robertson – Conservative Party

Cate Cody – Green Party

Lara Soraya Chaplin – Labour Party

Alex Hegenbarth – Liberal Democrats


Thanet North

Roger Gale – Conservative Party

Rob Edwards – Green Party

Coral Jones – Labour Party

Angie Curwen – Liberal Democrats


Thanet South

Craig Mackinlay – Conservative Party

Becky Wing – Green Party

Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt – Labour Party

Martyn Pennington – Liberal Democrats


Thirsk & Malton

Kevin Hollinrake – Conservative Party

Martin Brampton – Green Party

Gordon Johnson – Independent

Steve Mullins – Independent

David Charles Yellen – Labour Party

Di Keal – Liberal Democrats

Michael John Taylor – Social Democratic Party

John Hall – Yorkshire Party


Thornbury & Yate

Luke Hall – Conservative Party

Rob Logan – Labour Party

Claire Young – Liberal Democrats



Jackie Doyle-Price – Conservative Party

Ben Harvey – Green Party

James Peter Woollard – Independent

John Kent – Labour Party

Stewart Malcolm Stone – Liberal Democrats


Tiverton & Honiton

Neil Parish – Conservative Party

Colin Reed – Green Party

Elizabeth Pole – Labour Party

John Timperley – Liberal Democrats

Margaret Dennis – UKIP


Tonbridge & Malling

Tom Tugendhat – Conservative Party

April Clark – Green Party

Dylan Jones – Labour Party

Richard Morris – Liberal Democrats



Kerry Briscoe – Conservative Party

Glyn Goodwin – Green Party

Rosena Allin-Khan – Labour Party

Olly Glover – Liberal Democrats

Roz Hubley – Social Democratic Party

Adam Shakir – Brexit Party



Kevin Foster – Conservative Party

Sam Moss – Green Party

James Channer – Independent

Michele Middleditch – Labour Party

Lee Howgate – Liberal Democrats



Anthony Mangnall – Conservative Party

John Jeremy Francis Kitson – Independent

Louise Webberley – Labour Party

Sarah Wollaston – Liberal Democrats



Jonathan Silberman – Communist League

James Newhall – Conservative Party

Emma Chan – Green Party

David Lammy – Labour Party

Tammy Palmer – Liberal Democrats

Andrew Charles Bence – Social Democratic Party

Abdul Hamid Turay – Brexit Party

Frank Sweeney – Workers Revolutionary Party


Truro & Falmouth

Cherilyn Mackrory – Conservative Party

Tom Scott – Green Party

Jennifer Forbes – Labour Party

Ruth Gripper – Liberal Democrats

Paul William Nicholson – The Liberal Party


Tunbridge Wells

Greg Clark – Conservative Party

Christopher Roger Camp – Independent

Nigel David Peacock – Independent

Antonio Weiss – Labour Party

Ben Chapelard – Liberal Democrats



Isobel Grant – Conservative Party

Ranjeev Walia – Labour Party

Munira Wilson – Liberal Democrats

Stuart John Wells – Brexit Party



Lewis Carlo Bartoli – Conservative Party

Julia Erskine – Green Party

Alan Campbell – Labour Party

John Appleby – Liberal Democrats

Ed Punchard – Brexit Party


Tyneside North

Dean Spencer Caroll – Conservative Party

John Buttery – Green Party

Mary Glindon – Labour Party

Chris Boyle – Liberal Democrats

Andrew John Husband – Brexit Party


Uxbridge & Ruislip South

Boris Johnson – Conservative Party

Mark Keir – Green Party

Count Binface – Independent

Norma Burke – Independent

Bobby "Elmo" Smith – Independent

William John Tobin – Independent

Alfie John Utting – Independent

Yace "Interplanetary Time Lord" Yogenstein – Independent

Ali Reza Milani – Labour Party

Jo Humphreys – Liberal Democrats

Lord Buckethead – Official Monster Raving Looney Party

Geoffrey Denis Courtenay – UKIP



Sarah Bool – Conservative Party

Jacqueline Bond – Green Party

Salah Faissal – Independent

Florence Eshalomi – Labour Party

Sarah Lewis – Liberal Democrats

Andrew McGuinness – Brexit Party



Imran Nasir Ahmad-Khan – Conservative Party

Stephen Whyte – Independent

Mary Creagh – Labour Party

Jamie Needle – Liberal Democrats

Peter David Wiltshire – Brexit Party

Ryan Kett – Yorkshire Party



James Baker – Conservative Party

Lily Clough – Green Party

Angela Eagle – Labour Party

Vicky Downie – Liberal Democrats

Martin York – Brexit Party


Walsall North

Eddie Hughes – Conservative Party

Mark Frederick Wilson – Green Party

Gill Ogilvie – Labour Party

Jennifer Eileen Gray – Liberal Democrats


Walsall South

Gurjit Kaur Bains – Conservative Party

John Macefield – Green Party

Akheil Mehboob – Independent

Valerie Vaz – Labour Party

Paul Harris – Liberal Democrats

Gary Hughes – Brexit Party



Deborah Longe – Christian Peoples Alliance

Shade Adoh – Conservative Party

Andrew Johns – Green Party

Stella Creasy – Labour Party

Meera Chadha – Liberal Democrats

Paul Campbell – Brexit Party



Michael Flynn – Christian Peoples Alliance

Jack Alexander Gebhard – Conservative Party

Steve Leyland – Green Party

Ian Lavery – Labour Party

Stephen Psallidas – Liberal Democrats

Eden Webley – Brexit Party



David Johnston – Conservative Party

Mark Stuart Gray – Independent

Jonny Roberts – Labour Party

Richard Benwell – Liberal Democrats



Chandra Mohan Kanneganti – Conservative Party

Kathryn Downs – Green Party

John Francis Spellar – Labour Party

Bryan Manley-Green – Liberal Democrats

Michael Andrew Cooper – Brexit Party


Warrington North

Wendy Maisey – Conservative Party

Lyndsay McAteer – Green Party

Charlotte Nichols – Labour Party

Dave Crowther – Liberal Democrats

Elizabeth Babade – Brexit Party


Warrington South

Andy Carter – Conservative Party

Faisal Rashid – Labour Party

Ryan Bate – Liberal Democrats

Kevin Hickson – Social Democratic Party

Clare Victoria Aspinall – Brexit Party


Warwick & Leamington

Jack Rankin – Conservative Party

Jonathan Chilvers – Green Party

Bob Dhillon – Independent

Matt Western – Labour Party

Louis William McMaster Adam – Liberal Democrats

Xander Bennett – Social Democratic Party

Tim Griffiths – Brexit Party


Warwickshire North

Craig Tracey – Conservative Party

James Platt – Green Party

Claire Breeze – Labour Party

Richard Whelan – Liberal Democrats


Washington & Sunderland West

Valerie Margaret Allen – Conservative Party

Michal Chantkowski – Green Party

Sharon Hodgson – Labour Party

Carlton Lee West – Liberal Democrats

Howard Brown – Brexit Party

Keith Jenkins – UKIP



Dean Russell – Conservative Party

Chris Ostrowski – Labour Party

Ian Alexander Eric Stotesbury – Liberal Democrats

Michael McGetrick – Social Democratic Party



Dave Brennan – Christian Peoples Alliance

Peter Aldous – Conservative Party

Elfrede Brambley-Crawshaw – Green party

Sonia Valerie Barker – Labour Party

Helen Korfanty – Liberal Democrats



Nus Ghani – Conservative Party

Georgia Taylor – Green Party

Angie Smith – Labour Party

Chris Bowers – Liberal Democrats


Weaver Vale

Adam Wordsworth – Conservative Party

Paul Richard Bowers – Green Party

Mike Amesbury – Labour Party

Daniela Parker – Liberal Democrats

Nicholas Goulding – Brexit Party



Peter Bone – Conservative Party

Marion Turner-Hawes – Green Party

Andrea Watts – Labour Party

Suzanna Marie Austin – Liberal Democrats



James Heappey – Conservative Party

Dave Dobbs – Independent

Kama McKenzie – Labour Party

Tessa Munt – Liberal Democrats

Susie Quatermass – Motherworld Party


Welwyn Hatfield

Grant Shapps – Conservative Party

Oliver Sayers – Green Party

Rosie Newbigging – Labour Party

Paul Zukowskyj – Liberal Democrats


Wentworth & Dearne

Emily Jill Barley – Conservative Party

John Healey – Labour Party

Janice Middleton – Liberal Democrats

David Bettney – Social Democratic Party

Stephen Paul Cavell – Brexit Party

Lucy Brown – Yorkshire Party


West Bromwich East

Nicola Faye Richards – Conservative Party

Mark Nicholas Redding – Green Party

George Galloway – Independent

Ibrahim Dogus – Labour Party

Andy Graham – Liberal Democrats

Christian Mosiah Lucas – Brexit Party

Colin Nicholas Rankine – Yeshua


West Bromwich West

Shaun Stephen Bailey – Conservative Party

Keir Lawrence Williams – Green Party

James Thomas Cunningham – Labour Party

Flo Clucas – Liberal Democrat

Franco D'Aulerio – Brexit Party


West Ham

Paul Martin Jobson – Christian Peoples Alliance

Humera Kamran – Communities United Party

Sara Kumar – Conservative Party

Danny Keeling – Green Party

Lyn Brown – Labour Party

Eimear O'Casey – Liberal Democrats

Emma Jane Stockdale – Brexit Party


Westminster North

Gabriela Fajardo – Christian People’s Alliance

Jamie Macfarlane – Conservative Party

Holly Rose Robinson – Green Party

Karen Buck – Labour Party

George Lee – Liberal Democrats

Cyrus Parvin – Brexit Party


Westmorland & Lonsdale

James Airey – Conservative Party

Phillip John Black – Labour Party

Tim Farron – Liberal Democrats

Steven Paul Bolton – Brexit Party



John Penrose – Conservative Party

Suneil Basu – Green Party

Tim Taylor – Labour Party

Patrick David Keating – Liberal Democrats



Ashley Williams – Conservative Party

Peter Ernest Jacobs – Green Party

Lisa Nandy – Labour Party

Stuart David Thomas – Liberal Democrats

William Malloy – Brexit Party


Wiltshire North

James Gray – Conservative Party

Bonnie Jackson – Green Party

Jon Fisher – Labour Party

Brian Mathew – Liberal Democrats


Wiltshire South West

Andrew Murrison – Conservative Party

Julie Elizabeth Phillips – Green Party

Emily Pomroy-Smith –Labour Party

Ellen Nicholson – Liberal Democrats



Stephen Hammond – Conservative Party

Graham Wilson Hadley – Independent

Jackie Schneider – Labour Party

Paul Christopher Kohler – Liberal Democrats



Steve Brine – Conservative Party

George Baker – Labour party

Paula Wendy Ferguson – Liberal Democrats

Teresa Skelton – The Justice and Anti-corruption Party



Adam Afriyie – Conservative Party

Fintan Thomas McKeown – Green Party

David John Buckley – Independent

Wisdom Methodious Da Costa – Independent

Peter Shearman – Labour Party

Julian Tisi – Liberal Democrats


Wirral South

Stewart Gardiner – Conservative Party

Harry Ross Gorman – Green Party

Alison McGovern – Labour Party

Chris Carubia – Liberal Democrats

Martin Paul Waring – Brexit Party


Wirral West

Laura Evans – Conservative Party

John Coyne – Green Party

Margaret Greenwood – Labour Party

Andy Corkhill – Liberal Democrats

John Howard Kelly – Brexit Party



Priti Patel – Conservative Party

James Abbott – Green Party

Martin Edobor – Labour Party

Sam North – Liberal Democrats



Robert Alexander Courts – Conservative Party

Rosalind Bolger – Labour Party

Charlotte Sureyya Sayre Olcay Hoagland – Liberal Democrats



Jonathan Lord – Conservative Party

Ella Walding – Green Party

Gerry Mitchell – Labour Party

Will Forster – Liberal Democrats

Troy De Leon – UKIP



Annabel Mullin – Advance Together

John Redwood – Conservative Party

Kizzi Johannessen – Green Party

Annette Medhurst – Labour Party

Phillip Lee – Liberal Democrats


Wolverhampton North East

Jane Stevenson – Conservative Party

Andrea Cantrill – Green Party

Emma Reynolds – Labour Party

Richard Maxwell – Liberal Democrats

Vishal Dilip Khatri – Brexit Party


Wolverhampton South East

Ahmed Ejaz – Conservative Party

Kathryn Gilbert – Green Party

Pat McFadden – Labour Party

Ruth Coleman-Taylor – Liberal Democrats

Raj Singh Chaggar – Brexit Party


Wolverhampton South West

Stuart Paul Anderson – Conservative Party

Eleanor Smith – Labour Party

Bart Ricketts – Liberal Democrats

Leo Antonio Grandison – Brexit Party



Robin Walker – Conservative Party

Louis Stephen – Green Party

Martin Julian Keith Potter – Independent

Lynn Denham – Labour Party

Stephen Kearney – Liberal Democrats


Worcestershire Mid

Nigel Huddleston – Conservative Party

Sue Howarth – Green Party

Helen Russell – Labour Party

Margaret Rowley – Liberal Democrats

Barmy Lord Brockman – Official Monster Raving Looney Party


Worcestershire West

Harriett Mary Morrison Baldwin – Conservative Party

Martin John Allen – Green Party

Samantha Kay Charles – Labour Party

Beverley Nielsen – Liberal Democrats



Mark Jenkinson – Conservative Party

Jill Perry – Green Party

Nicky Cockburn – Independent

Roy Ivinson – Independent

Sue Hayman – Labour Party

Neil Hughes – Liberal Democrats

David Walker – Brexit Party


Worsley & Eccles South

Arnold Saunders – Conservative Party

Daniel Towers – Green Party

Barbara Keeley – Labour Party

Joe Johnson-Tod – Liberal Democrats

Seamus Martin – Brexit Party


Worthing East & Shoreham

Tim Loughton – Conservative Party

Leslie Groves Williams – Green Party

Sophie Cook – Independent

Lavinia O'Connor – Labour Party

Ashley Charles Joe Scott Ridley – Liberal Democrats


Worthing West

Peter Bottomley – Conservative Party

Jo Paul – Green Party

David Aherne – Independent

Rebecca Cooper – Labour Party

Jamie Frank Bennett – Liberal Democrats


The Wrekin

Mark Pritchard – Conservative Party

Tim Dawes – Green Party

Dylan Harrison – Labour Party

Thomas Janke – Liberal Democrats



Steve Baker – Conservative Party

Peter Sims – Green Party

Edmund John Gemmell – Independent

Khalil Ahmed – Labour Party

Toni Brodelle – Liberal Democrats

Vijay Singh Srao – UKIP

Julia Wassell – Wycombe Independents


Wyre & Preston North

Ben Wallace – Conservative Party

Ruth Norbury – Green Party

David Richard Ragozzino – Independent

Joanne Lindsey Ainscough – Labour Party

John Potter – Liberal Democrats


Wyre Forest

Mark Garnier – Conservative Party

John Davis – Green Party

Robin Lunn – Labour Party

Shazu Miah – Liberal Democrats


Wythenshawe & Sale East

Caroline Bellamy – Communist League

Peter Harrop – Conservative Party

Robert James Nunney – Green Party

Mike Kane – Labour Party

Simon Lepori – Liberal Democrat

Julie Fousert – Brexit Party



Marcus Fysh – Conservative Party

Diane Catherine Wood – Green Party

Tony Capozzoli – Independent

Terry Ledlie – Labour Party

Mick Clark – Liberal Democrat

Tom Fox – The Constitution and Reform Party


York Central

Fabia Celestine Tate – Conservative Party

Tom Franklin – Green Party

Rachael Maskell – Labour Party

James Blanchard – Liberal Democrats

Andrew Dunn – Social Democratic Party

Nicholas Szkiler – Brexit Party

Andrew John Snedden – Yorkshire Party


York Outer

Julian Sturdy – Conservative Party

Scott Robert Marmion – Independent

Anna Perrett – Labour Party

Keith Aspden – Liberal Democrats


Yorkshire East

Greg Knight – Conservative Party

Mike Jackson – Green Party

Catherine Louise Minnis – Labour Party

Dale Richard Needham – Liberal Democrats

Timothy Norman – Yorkshire Party