General election 2019: Full list of candidates in Wales

Friday, November 15, 2019

Nominations have now closed for those wishing to stand as MPs at the next election.

Candidates had until 4pm on November 14 to lodge their nomination papers in order to be able to stand at the December 12 poll.

There are a total of 650 parliamentary seats across the UK, with 40 up for grabs in Wales.

For the full list of candidates in England, click here

For the full list of candidates in Northern Ireland, click here

And for the full list of candidates in Scotland, click here.

Here is the full list of candidates standing in Wales:



Captain Beany - Independent

Glenda Davies - Brexit Party

Giorgia Rennae Finney - Green Party

Nigel Hunt - Plaid Cymru

Sheila Kingston-Jones - Liberal Democrats

Stephen Kinnock - Labour Party

Charlotte Lang - Conservative Party



Jason Edwards - Liberal Democrats

Lisa Goodier - Plaid Cymru

Robin Millar - Conservative Party

Emily Owen - Labour Party


Alyn & Deeside

Susan Hills - Plaid Cymru

Donna Lalek - Liberal Democrats

Sanjoy Sen - Conservative Party

Mark Tami - Labour Party

Simon Wall - Brexit Party



Gonul Daniels - Conservative Party

Gary Gribben - Brexit Party

Steffie Williams Roberts - Labour Party

Hywel Williams - Plaid Cymru


Blaenau Gwent

Chelsea-Marie Annett - Liberal Democrats

Laura Jones - Conservative Party

Peredur Owen Griffiths - Plaid Cymru

Stephen James Priestnall - Green Party

Nick Smith - Labour Party

Richard Taylor - Brexit Party


Brecon & Radnorshire

Tom Davies - Labour party

Jane Dodds - Liberal Democrats

Jeff Green - Welsh Christian Party

Fay Jones - Conservative Party

Lady Lily The Pink - The Official Monster Raving Loony Party



Alex Harris - Green Party

Leanne Lewis - Plaid Cymru

Madeleine Moon - Labour Party

Robert Morgan - Brexit Party

Jonathan Pratt - Liberal Democrat

Jamie Wallis - Conservative Party



Jane Pratt - Conservative Party

Wayne David - Labour Party

Lindsay Whittle - Plaid Cymru

Nathan Gill - Brexit Party


Cardiff Central

Meirion Jenkins - Conservative Party

Siân Caiach - Gwlad Gwlad

Akil Kata - Independent

Jo Stevens - Labour Party

Bablin Molik - Liberal Democrats

Gareth Pearce - Brexit Party

Brian Johnson - The Socialist Party of Great Britain


Cardiff North

Mohamed Ali - Conservative Party

Michael Cope - Green Party

Richard Jones - Independent

Anna McMorrin - Labour Party

Rhys Taylor - Liberal Democrats

Steffan Webb - Plaid Cymru

Christopher John Butler - Brexit Party


Cardiff South & Penarth

Philippa Ann Broom - Conservative Party

Ken Barker - Green Party

Stephen Doughty - Labour Party

Dan Schmeising - Liberal Democrats

Nasir Adam - Plaid Cymru

Tim Price - Brexit Party


Cardiff West

Carolyn Webster - Conservative Party

David Griffin - Green Party

Kevin Brennan - Labour Party

Callum James Littlemore - Liberal Democrats

Boyd Clack - Plaid Cymru

Nick Mullins - Brexit Party


Carmarthen East & Dinefwr

Havard Hughes – Conservative Party

Maria Carroll – Labour Party

Jonathan Edwards – Plaid Cymru

Pete Prosser – Brexit Party


Carmarthen West & South Pembrokeshire

Simon Anthony Hart  - Conservative Party

Marc Liam Tierney – Labour Party

Alistair Cameron – Liberal Democrats

Glanville Owen Rhys Thomas – Plaid Cymru



Amanda Jane Jenner – Conservative Party

Chris Simpson – Green Party

Dinah Mulholland – Labour Party

Mark Williams – Liberal Democrats

Ben Lake – Plaid Cymru

Gethin James – The Brexit Party


Clwyd South

Simon Baynes – Conservative Party

Susan Elan Jones – Labour Party

Calum Dafydd Davies – Liberal Democrats

Chris Allen – Plaid Cymru

Jamie David Adams – The Brexit Party


Clwyd West

David Jones – Conservative Party

Joanne Thomas – Labour Party

David Wilkins – Liberal Democrats

Huw Elfed Williams –Plaid Cymru


Cynon Valley

Pauline Elizabeth Church – Conservative Party

Beth Winter – Labour Party

Steve Bray – Liberal Democrats

Geraint Benney – Plaid Cymru

Ian McLean – Social Democratic Party

Rebecca Rees-Evans – Brexit Party

Andrew Chainey – The Cyon Valley Party



Rob Roberts – Conservative Party

David Hanson – Labour Party

Andrew Parkhurst – Liberal Democrats

Paul Rowlinson – Plaid Cymru

Nigel Williams – Brexit Party


Dwyfor Meirionnydd

Tomos Dafydd Davies – Conservative Party

Graham Neil Hogg – Labour Party

Liz Saville Roberts – Plaid Cymru

Louise Hughes – Brexit Party



Francesca O'Brien – Conservative Party

Tonia Antoniazzi – Labour Party

Sam Bennett – Liberal Democrats

John Davies – Plaid Cymru

Rob Ross – Brexit Party



Gavin Chambers – Conservative Party

Catherine Linstrum – Green Party

Chris Evans – Labour Party

Jo Watkins – Liberal Democrats

Zoe Hammond – Plaid Cymru

James Wells – Brexit Party



Tamara Louise Reay – Conservative Party

Nia Griffith – Labour Party

Mari Arthur – Plaid Cymru

Susan Boucher – Brexit Party


Merthyr Tydfil & Rhymney

Sara Jones – Conservative Party

David Hughes – Independent

Gerald Jones – Labour Party

Brendan D'Cruz – Liberal Democrats

Mark Evans – Plaid Cymru

Colin David Jones – Brexit Party



David Davies – Conservative Party

Ian Chandler – Green Party

Martyn Ford – Independent

Yvonne Murphy – Labour Party

Alison Willott – Liberal Democrats

Hugh Kocan – Plaid Cymru



Craig Williams – Conservative Party

Gwyn Wigley Evans – Gwlad Gwlad

Kait Duerden – Labour Party

Kishan Devani – Liberal Democrats



Jonathan Burns – Conservative Party

Megan Lloyd – Green Party

Philip Rogers – Independent

Christina Rees – Labour Party

Adrian Kingston-Jones – Liberal Democrats

Daniel Williams – Plaid Cymru

Carl Gerard Williams – Social Democratic Party

Simon Jonathan Wilson Briscoe – Brexit Party


Newport East

Mark Brown – Conservative Party

Peter Varley – Green Party

Jessica Morden – Labour Party

Mike Hamilton Liberal Democrats

Cameron Wixcey – Plaid Cymru

Julie Anne Price – Brexit Party


Newport West

Matthew Evans – Conservative Party

Amelia Womack – Green Party

Ruth Jones – Labour Party

Ryan Jones – Liberal Democrats

Jonathan Clark – Plaid Cymru

Cameron Owen Edwards – Brexit Party



Sadie Vidal – Conservative Party

Tom Muller – Green Party

Chris Elmore – Labour Party

Anita Davies – Liberal Democrats

Luke Fletcher – Plaid Cymru

Christine Roach – Brexit Party



Sam Trask – Conservative Party

Jonathan Bishop – Independent

Mike Powell – Independent

Sue Prior – Independent

Alex Davies-Jones – Labour Party

Fflur Elin – Plaid Cymru

Steve Bayliss – Brexit Party


Preseli Pembrokeshire

Stephen Crabb – Conservative Party

Philippa Ann Thompson – Labour Party

Thomas James Hughes – Liberal Democrats

Cris Tomos – Plaid Cymru



Hannah Elizabeth Jarvis – Conservative Party

Shaun Thomas – Green Party

Chris Bryant – Labour Party

Rodney Simon Berman – Liberal Democrats

Branwen Cennard – Plaid Cymru

John Watkins – The Brexit Party


Swansea East

Denise Howard – Conservative Party

Chris Evans – Green Party

Carolyn Harris – Labour Party

Chloe Hutchinson – Liberal Democrats

Geraint Havard – Plaid Cymru

Tony Willicombe – Brexit Party


Swansea West

James Price – Conservative Party

Geraint Davies – Labour Party

Michael Ely O'Carroll – Liberal Democrats

Gwyn Williams – Plaid Cymru

Peter Meireon Hopkins – Brexit Party



Graham Smith – Conservative Party

Andrew Heygate-Browne – Green Party

Nick Thomas-Symonds – Labour Party

John E Miller – Liberal Democrats

Morgan Bowler-Brown – Plaid Cymru

David Thomas – Brexit Party


Vale of Clwyd

James Davies – Conservative Party

Chris Ruane – Labour Party

Gavin Scott – Liberal Democrats

Glenn Swingler –Plaid Cymru

Peter Dain – Brexit Party


Vale of Glamorgan

Alun Cairns – Conservative Party

Anthony Slaughter – Green Party

Laurence Williams – Gwlad Gwlad

Belinda Loveluck-Edwards – Labour Party



Sarah Atherton – Conservative Party

Duncan Rees – Green Party

Mary Wimbury – Labour Party

Tim Sly – Liberal Democrats

Carrie Harper – Plaid Cymru

Ian Jonathan Berkeley-Hurst – Brexit Party


Ynys Môn

Virginia Crosbie – Conservative Party

Mary Roberts – Labour Party

Aled ap Dafydd – Plaid Cymru

Helen Jenner – Brexit Party