J D Wetherspoon: Are customers put off by a pub with a political stance?

Beer Wetherspoon

Friday, January 25, 2019

The chief executive of pub chain J D Wetherspoon is a vocal Brexiteer, and has circulated posters, leaflets and beer mats promoting his views.

talkRADIO asked Wetherspoon customers if a pub with a political stance would ever put them off going - whether they agreed with it or not.


'Fanta was invented by the Nazis - I still love a can'

Twenty-one-year-old Buzz Carter is a self-professed "Wetherspoons fanatic", but says he doesn't "really care" about Brexit.

The digital PR worker branded the chain a "pub of the people", and said despite voting to remain, it wouldn't put him off going for a beverage at his local branch of Wetherspoons.

"I think you have to separate the ideas of business and politics. Fanta was invented by the Nazis and I still love a can of Fanta despite that," he said.

"Tim Martin is entitled to his views, some points I agree with, but some others I disagree with. He's a smart man for getting his company to the size it is and I think in his eyes, he's right."



Buzz added that he thought the chain's in-house magazine - which recently came under fire for copying columns from other newspapers - was a "good read".

"When you're waiting for someone to bring drinks over it's [Wetherspoon News] good to have a flick through.

"I read one today and sort of skipped over all the Brexit stuff and instead read about their new range of pizzas."


'The posters are in poor taste'

Remain voter Oz Kaitis accused the pub chain's CEO of being "ignorant politically".

The 26-year-old bartender said the pro-Brexit posters displayed in Wetherspoon branches were "in poor taste" but that he didn't take them too seriously.

"Mostly it's kind of funny because it's such a farce at the moment. It feels like a parody, like we're living in an alternative timeline where political decisions are akin to a sitcom," he said.



Despite disagreeing with the pro-Brexit memorabilia adorning the pub chain, the cheap prices meant he was "happy to spend time" there.

"I love Wetherspoons because it's very cheap compared to other places. You can get good food deals too. Both are highly appealing because I am dirt poor."


'Wetherspoon News is hilarious'

Brexiteer Callum Smiles said he had "no objection" to the Wetherspoon founder and CEO airing his views through his business.

"Plenty of businesses have launched and made their remain voices heard," he said.

The 23-year-old actor added that he had an issue with people outside of the UK weighing in on the Brexit debate.



"It’s those outside of Britain having a say that annoys me. Like when Obama did his bit for remain, he has no say in the matter."

Callum added that he was a fan of the chain's glossy in-house mag, calling it "hilarious".

"I once read an article about a Wetherspoons fan that went to all the Wetherspoons around the country," he added.