Meet the woman trying to crash the Royal Wedding

Friday, May 18, 2018

The royal wedding will take place at St George’s Chapel in Windsor on Saturday, and one videographer has campaigned for an invite to the big day. 

Andrea McDowell, who runs a wedding video company, started a social media campaign to get herself invited to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s ceremony. 

“So, on the 1st May I started my campaign to get myself a royal wedding invitation because Meghan and Harry haven’t booked a wedding videographer,” she said.

The royal couple have everything in place for Saturday, with the pair running through rehearsals last week before their nuptials. 

McDowell has tried everything from applying for jobs at the Royal Household, to dressing up as a member of the Queen’s Guard. 



“I’ve applied for a job at the Royal Household; I got turned down unfortunately for that,” she added. 

“It was a personal assistant job, and the job description read that I would be attending live events, and helping and coordinating those events.

“Yesterday, I went to Windsor dressed as a royal guard in the hope that if they drove through, then I could parade around with my sign saying ‘Harry and Meghan! It’s not too late to book a wedding video’, and hopefully get noticed.” 

McDowell has also been documenting her exploits via Facebook. 

Appearing on BBC Radio Oxford, the videographer was given some hope, as a listener who has been invited to the royal wedding rang in. 

“My only hope is that I might be able to give her a video camera and she can film it, and then what we’re going to do is edit that footage together, along with all the other footage that we hope people will be able to send us from their wedding parties that they’re hosting all over the UK, then we’ll edit that into a wedding video for them.” 

Prior to the wedding, her company launched a Royal Wedding package that costs three times the amount of their standard wedding deals. 

“They haven’t booked it, I mean they still can, but they haven’t, and I’m willing to do it for free where normally it would normally cost £1,300, so that’s a big saving on the wedding pack. It’s a bargain,” she concedes. 

Despite them not using her services, Andrea was in high spirits ahead of their union. 

“I just think they’re the most amazing couple,” she added.

“Harry and Meghan have got this public persona that they have to be very formal and say the right the thing, but actually behind the scenes I bet it’s a total riot.

She’s an American actress and he’s a Prince, but they’ve got that kind of personality where they’re up for a laugh. 

“I think they’re just going to have the best life, I’m a bit gutted that he didn’t pick me, obviously, but he’s done very well there with Meghan.”