News round-up: The week's top stories (1-7 Oct)

Weekly news round-up

Monday, October 8, 2018

Last week saw a ban on clapping introduced at a Manchester university, and Theresa May announced civil partnerships for opposite-sex couples.

In case you missed any of it, here's our guide to the top news stories from the last seven days.


Monday 1st October


Philip Hammond claims Boris Johnson can't do 'grown-up politics'

Boris Johnson leaves 10 Downing Street. Image: Getty

The former foreign secretary came under fire from the chancellor of the exchequer after the first day of the Conservative party conference.

Philip Hammond claimed Boris Johnson was incapable of "grown-up politics" and suggested his greatest achievement to date was introducing the "Boris Bike" cycle scheme.


Jeremy Hunt under fire for comparing the EU to the Soviet Union

Jeremy Hunt at the Conservative party conference. Image: Getty

In his keynote speech at the Conservative party conference, foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt compared the EU to the Soviet Union.

His comments drew criticism from European politicians and diplomats, with the former head of the UK's diplomatic service, Lord Ricketts branding the comments "rubbish" and "unworthy of a British Foreign Secretary".


Tuesday 2nd October


Student union bans clapping in a bid to be more inclusive

The University of Manchester's Students' Union has banned clapping. Image: Getty

In a bid to be more inclusive of students with anxiety or sensory issues, the University of Manchester's Students' Union has introduced a ban on clapping.

Instead of clapping audibly, whooping or cheering at SU events, students will use 'jazz hands'.

In an interview with talkRADIO, health secretary Matt Hancock called the ban "bonkers".


Theresa May announces civil partnerships for opposite-sex couples

For the first time, the law will allow opposite-sex couples to enter into civil partnerships. Image: Getty

Theresa May announced at the Conservative party conference that opposite-sex couples will now be able to enter into civil partnerships.

Previously only same-sex couples were legally allowed to have a civil partnership.

The Prime Minister said: "This change in the law helps protect the interests of opposite-sex couples who want to commit, want to formalise their relationship but don't necessarily want to get married."


Wednesday 3rd October


Student Conservative society under fire after wearing t-shirts saying 'F*** the NHS'

WATCH: Rob Halfon MP calls the group "idiots"

Plymouth University's Conservative society landed themselves in hot water after a picture of the group wearing t-shirts scribbled with offensive graffiti surfaced.

One of the students pictured is sporting a Hitler-style moustache, and another has the words 'F*** the NHS' written on his shirt.

The Conservative party launched an investigation into the photo and promised to suspend any of the students who were found to be members of the party.

Conservative MP Robert Halfon called the group "idiots" in an interview with talkRADIO.


Pret a Manger announce full ingredient labelling after death of teenager

The food chain will now label all ingredients, including allergens. Image: Getty

Pret a Manger will now list all ingredients and allergens on its food products.

The move came after 15-year-old Natasha Ednan-Laperouse collapsed on a flight in July 2016 after eating an artichoke, olive and tapenade baguette she had bought at a Pret outlet in Heathrow Airport.

The coroner at her inquest said she died of anaphylaxis after eating the Pret sandwich which contained sesame, an ingredient she was allergic to.


Theresa May's keynote speech

Theresa May dances on to the stage for her keynote address. Image: Getty

Today was the highly-anticipated keynote speech from Theresa May at the Conservative party conference in Birmingham.

To kick off proceedings, the Prime Minister danced on to the stage to the tune of ABBA's Dancing Queen.

During the speech, Ms May also announced an extra £394 million per week for a new cancer strategy and a freeze on fuel duty.


Thursday 4th October


Hundreds of tonnes of waste including human body parts stockpiled by a NHS waste disposal company

Health secretary Matt Hancock chaired an emergency COBRA meeting to discuss the issue. Image: Getty

A leaked NHS England document revealed that toxic waste including human body parts had been stockpiled by a waste management company contracted by the NHS.

Hundreds of tonnes of pharmaceutical waste have built up due to a lack of incineration capacity, causing an emergency COBRA meeting to be held to discuss how to tackle the isue.

Former NHS Trust chairman, Roy Lilley, told talkRADIO the pile-up was "disturbing", but that he was "not worried" about it.

A criminal investigation into the incident is now underway.


False widow spider infestation closes four schools in east London

Newham Council took the decision to close four schools after finding the spiders. Image: Getty

After discovering a number of false widow spiders in four schools in east London, Newham Council's environmental team took the decision to shut them down.

Ellen Wilkinson Primary School, Star Primary School, Lister Community School and Rokeby School were all affected.

However, entomology professor Adam Hart, said false widow spiders are actually "harmless".


Friday 5th October


Waitrose trials delivery service giving drivers access to customers' homes

Drivers will be able to let themselves into customers' homes through the new service. Image: Getty

Waitrose is trialling a new service where delivery drivers can let themselves into customers' homes to pack away groceries.

The 'While You're Away' service is initially taking place with 100 customers in south London, and could be rolled out further if successful.


Nobel Peace Prize awarded to a doctor and a former captive of Islamic State

Nobel Peace Prize 2018 winner Nadia Murad. Image: PA

This year's Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to a Congolese doctor and a former captive of Islamic State.

The Norwegian Nobel Committee said Denis Mukwege and Nadia Murad had won the award for their "crucial contribution" in highlighting and eliminating the use of sexual violence in war.


Interpol President reported missing during trip to China

Meng Hongwei. Image: Getty

Interpol's president, Meng Hongwei, was reported missing after travelling to China at the end of September.

Mr Hongwei's wide reported that she hadn't heard from her 64-year-old husband since he left France, where Interpol is based.


Saturday 6th October


Banksy pranks auction as artwork shreds itself

Banksy's famous Girl With Balloon shredded itself after being auctioned for more than £1 million. Image: PA

Auction house Sotheby's admitted they had been "Banksy-ed" after a piece by the street artist shredded itself as it was sold at auction.

The painting passed through a shredder installed in the frame as it was announced it had been sold for £1.04m.


British teenagers targeted by Russian trolls

Russian-run accounts posed as Harry Potter fans to attract followers on social media. Image: Getty

The Kremlin has been targeting British teenagers on social media in an effort to cause hostility among young Britons.

Russian-run social media accounts posed as Harry Potter fans to attract followers, and a YouTube channel was set up to create confusion about the Salisbury poisoning.


Sunday 7th October


Dog owners march to Parliament to demand People's Vote

WATCH: Alastair Campbell tells talkRADIO why he's attending the march

The 'Wooferendum' march in central London saw dog owners march from Pall Mall to Downing Street to protest Brexit and demand a People's Vote.

Alastair Campbell was in attendance, and brought along his five-month-old puppy Skye to the march.