News round-up: The week's top stories (17-23 Nov)

Weekly news round-up

Friday, November 23, 2018

In this week's news, Sainsbury's announced it would start selling edible insects and the future of the UK's relationship with the EU post-Brexit was agreed.

In case you missed any of it, here's our guide to the top news stories this week.


Saturday 17th November


Climate change activists block bridges across London

Demonstrators on Westminster bridge. Image: PA

Hundreds of environmental activists caused major disruption across London by blocking five bridges.

The group from Extinction Rebellion were calling on the government to "tell the truth" about climate change.


Sainsbury's becomes first UK supermarket to sell edible insects

WATCH: Eamonn Holmes and Saira Khan try Eat Grub's smoky crickets

The supermarket giant announced it would be selling barbecued flavoured crickets for the first time.

Packets of Eat Grub's smoky BBQ roasted crickets are being sold in 250 stores across the country and will cost £1.50.


Monday 19th November


Teenage boy 'apologetic' after anti-gay attack on Gareth Thomas

Gareth Thomas posted video on Twitter explaining what had happened.

A teenage boy apologised to former Wales Rugby Union captain Gareth Thomas after he attacked him beacuse of his sexuality in a Cardiff nightclub.

The 44-year-old said he hoped the perpetrator would “learn” from the experience after he opted for restorative justice, which allows victims to talk to perpetrators about the harm they have caused.


Theresa May addresses CBI conference

Theresa May at the CBI conference. Image: Getty

In a speech at the annual CBI conference in London the Prime Minister said she was "determined" to deliver Brexit, as speculation mounted over whether she would face a leadership challenge.

During a Q&A after her speech, businessman Roger Kendrick urged Theresa May to drop her Brexit deal claiming it would be "devastating" for the UK.


Sadiq Khan announces £13m funding to tackle serious youth violence

Sadiq Khan announces the funding at the Spotlight youth centre. Image: PA

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has announced £13 million of funding to tackle youth violence in London.

The money comes in part from the sale of three water cannon bought by Boris Johnson during his time as Mayor.

The announcement followed a spate of violent attacks in the capital.


Tuesday 20th November


Easter Island officials visit London museum to demand return of stolen statue

The 'stolen friend' figure at the British Museum. Image: Trustees of the British Museum

Officials from Easter Island visited the British Museum in London in a bid to get a stolen statue returned.

The Hoa Hakananai'a - which means lost or stolen friend in the Rapa Nui language - was taken from Easter Island in 1868 by Commodore Richard Powell as a gift for Queen Victoria, who donated it to the museum a year later.

A group of officials from Easter Island were in London for two days to discuss the return of the statue, led by Chile's Minister for national property, Felipe Ward.


Students Union President resigns after calling for war memorial to be painted over

The mural in question. Image: PA

University of Southampton's SU president has stood down after sparking outrage for calling for a mural in memory of First World War soldiers to be painted over.

Emily Dawes posted on Twitter in October that the Rothenstein Mural at the university should be removed because it only featured "white men".


Wednesday 21st November


Theresa May heads to Brussels to finalise Brexit deal

Theresa May and Jean-Claude Juncker in Brussels. Image: Getty

The Prime Minister met with the European Commission president to discuss the draft Brexit deal.

The pair set out a framework for the future UK-EU future, and will meet again on Saturday ahead of Sunday's EU summit.


Number of children gambling quadruples to more than 50,000 in two years

The number of child gamblers are on the rise, figures show. Image: Getty

Research by the Gambling Commission has found that the number of children classed as having a gambling problem has quadrupled in just two years.

The gambling watchdog reported there were 50,000 children with gambling issues, and that there could be a further 70,000 children aged 11 to 16 who could be at risk of developing gambling problems in the future.


Theresa May ‘deeply disappointed’ by life sentence for academic accused of spying in UAE

Jailed academic Matthew Hedges. Image: PA

Prime Minister Theresa May said she was "deeply disappointed and concerned" about the case of a British academic who was jailed for life in the United Arab Emirates.

Matthew Hedges, 31, is accused of spying on behalf of the British Government, was shaking as he was sentenced to life imprisonment in a five-minute hearing at an Abu Dhabi court.


Thursday 22nd November


Political declaration document agreed

A document outlining the future relationship of the UK and the EU has been "agreed in principle", the president of the European Council announced.

In a tweet, Donald Tusk said that a draft of the political declaration, which sets out the country's relationship with the EU after the transition period, had been agreed at "negotiators’ level" and "agreed in principle" at a political level.

Theresa May later addressed reporters outside Downing Street to confirm the news.


Boris Johnson could face private prosecution over £350m Vote Leave claim

The Vote Leave campaign bus. Image: PA

Boris Johnson has been warned he faces private prosecution over the claims he made on the side of a bus - that the UK send £350 million a week to Brussels.

Private prosecutor Marcus Ball said he notified the former foreign secretary on Saturday of his intention to bring a court case over alleged misconduct in public office.


Friday 23rd November


Tommy Robinson appointed as special adviser to UKIP leader Gerard Batten

WATCH: Gerard Batten defends his decision to appoint Tommy Robinson as an adviser.

Controversial activist Tommy Robinson has been appointed as a special adviser to UKIP leader, Gerard Batten.

The English Defence League founder will advise the party leader on rape gangs and prison reform, a subject which Mr Batten says Mr Robinson has "great knowledge" about.

Mr Batten said he was "looking forward" to working with his new adviser.


'Noteworthy' that 'quite a few' perpetrators of terror attacks were known to MI5, says Dominic Grieve

A memorial to the Manchester Arena attack victims. Image: Getty

Dominic Grieve MP has said it is "noteworthy" that a number of perpetrators behind terror attacks in the UK last year were already known to MI5.

The chairman of the government's Intelligence and Security Committee appeared on the breakfast show to discuss the Committee's new report, which outlines how the security services can be improved, particularly with regards to preventing terror attacks.

Mr Grieve said "quite a few" of the attackers were considered "closed subjects of interest" by MI5, including Manchester Arena bomber Salman Abedi, who had been known to the security agency since 2014.