Prime Minister for five minutes: Julia Hartley-Brewer

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

talkRADIO's Julia Hartley-Brewer has told Dan Wootton how she would run the country in the first edition of the new feature PM for five minutes.

This is what would be on her agenda...


What is the first thing you would do differently to tackle the coronavirus crisis?

Bring in the military early and keep testing going. I would sack everyone at Public Health England because they have been responsible for all the big problems in testing and PPE.


Who is your deputy and chief of staff?

Mike Graham as deputy, just for the laughs. My 13-year-old daughter would be chief of staff. I think she would be better than most of the adults who put themselves forward.


Which former UK Prime Minister and US President would you choose to advise you?

Margaret Thatcher because she didn’t care about opinion polls, she did what she thought was right. Even though I disagreed with a lot of what she did at the time.

Bill Clinton. Whether you like him or not, the guy got stuff done.


Out of the current Cabinet, who would you keep in their position?

Definitely Rishi Sunak, the absolute star of the cabinet. Dominic Raab as well and Michael Gove, but I would put him back in charge of schools.


What would your first three policies be?

Shaking up the entire civil service and local government because they are not competent, bringing back grammar schools in every single locality and joined up thinking between the NHS and social care.


What happens to the BBC?

I'd like it carry on but massively scaled back. Certainly no pop music stations, none of this BBC three and Radio 6. Also why not hire people on diversity but not of skin colour and sexuality but diversity of thought?


No deal Brexit - would you do it?



What about our relationship with China?

I think we should be massively cutting China’s influence in the world. I think they are an absolute danger to our democracies and we should be standing up to them


What happens to the Royal Family when you’re PM?

I am a Republican. I reckon the Queen could run for an election and she'd win 99 per cent of the votes, I've got no problem with that. But no Charles, no William, definitely no Meghan and Harry.


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