talkRADIO's top callers of 2018

talkRADIO's top callers of 2018

Iain Lee debates how to spell Iain (or is it Ian?)

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

We love a lively debate on talkRADIO, and our presenters are no stranger to a clash. But adding to the conversation in sometimes unexpected ways is you - the British public.

If you’ve taken time to call up talkRADIO and air your views this year, we thank you for adding to the conversation, and sometimes, making it a little bit weirder.

Here are some of the best callers from 2018 - more of the same next year, please.

‘Do you get paid by the German government?’

Brexiteer Darren, who told James that one of the benefits of leaving the EU would be that “we can stop prisoners getting compensation”, asked James Whale if he was on Germany’s payroll because he’s opposed to Brexit.

“Do you get paid by the German government or something, because you really are promoting the EU,” said Darren, before declaring that he’d rather be “worse off and out of Europe because we would be proud to be British”.

Needless to say, Remainer James didn’t agree.


James Bond, the Shropshire edition

Caller Alan wrote his very own James Bond script, and phoned Iain Lee to share his blockbusting idea.

“It was a cold, windy night in Shropshire,” he began.

That’s not where we’d expect 007 to be hanging out. Go on…

“James Bond was lurking in a graveyard.”

The plot thickens! Who should be waiting to ambush Mr Bond in the depths of the West Midlands? Only an old nemesis… listen to find out who.


How do you spell Ian?

Is it I-A-N, or I-A-I-N? Iain Lee may be biased on this one, but according to him, all Ians must be regarded with suspicion.

Predictably, an Ian called up to challenge him, but Iain was sticking to his guns.

What exactly is his issue with Ians? Apparently, that’s how the devil would spell it. Is the devil’s name Ian? Perhaps someone should call Iain and ask…


Ronnie gets confused

Caller Ronnie was looking to have a late-night chat with George Galloway on talkSPORT. Just a couple of problems - Galloway’s show is on talkRADIO, and Ronnie called up almost three hours too late.

It only went downhill from there. Ronnie said he’d been listening to Iain Lee for the past ten minutes, but seemed confused about what he’d just heard.

We’re not sure whether he has made contact with Galloway yet. Ronnie, if you still want to talk to George, it’s talkRADIO on Fridays, 7-10pm.


Rudy and his long list of dislikes

Mike Graham had no time for caller Rudy, who was perturbed by seemingly everything from Muslims and the mainstream media to his brother's living situation and the bloke who nicked his expensive musical instrument.

"Are you a parody?" asked Graham, as the tirade kept coming. Well, is Rudy a parody? Listen and decide for yourself. 


Stan is outraged

The cost of Harry and Meghan’s wedding in May this year was “disgraceful”, according to caller Stan.

Lembit Opik’s suggestion that the wedding wasn’t costing the public was met with cries of “lunatic”, and Stan only became angrier at Mr Opik’s suggestion that the royals generate money for the UK through tourism.

“We’d be loved as a country without that family of scroungers,” rants Stan.

Whose side are you on?