Watch talkRADIO and The Sun's Royal Debate

Watch talkRADIO and The Sun's Royal Debate

Friday, May 18, 2018

On Thursday, talkRADIO’s James Whale chaired a debate on the Royal Wedding, held in conjunction with The Sun.

The newspaper’s royal photographer Arthur Edwards and royal correspondent Emily Andrews took park, alongside talkRADIO’s royal reporter Rupert Bell.

Among the topics discussed were how Meghan might be feeling following the intense press scrutiny on her father, and the fact he won’t be attending the wedding.

“I feel sorry for the father because he’s going to miss walking his daughter down the aisle, I feel sorry for Meghan because she must be in tears because of what her family are saying about her,” said Edwards.

“One brother sent a letter saying ‘get out of it now Harry, do yourself a favour and stop the wedding’.”

Meghan’s father Thomas was originally set to attend the wedding, but pulled out after the Mail on Sunday reported that he’d staged paparazzi shots of himself.

Meghan’s half sister Samantha then took responsibility for the shots, but Thomas pulled out of the wedding.

He had a swift change of heart before pulling out again, reportedly because he was having a heart operation.

Bell said that the marriage of royalty and showbiz had captivated the world.

“Internationally and globally, there’s a huge fascination because the prince is marrying his showgirl,” he said.

The fact that Meghan will be the first mixed-race member of the Royal Family has been hailed as great sign of progress, which it undoubtedly is - but as Andrews points out, some of the racist comments left online show there are still issues with racism in the UK.

“It’s made people talk about race more and appreciate what some people have to go through even now in 2018,” said Andrews.

“There’s been a lot of horrible things said in the comments sections of newspapers. Does that mean that as a country we’re still racist? Well, yes, probably.”

But Andrews also said that the fact the royals were supposed to be apolitical could mean Meghan has to scale back her campaigning. She’s been a vocal advocate for racial equality as well as supporting the UN’s He for She campaign and working with humanitarian causes in Africa.

The panel also took questions from the audience - watch the full debate here