'We need to leave the EU to spend our money better': HGV drivers react to the Budget

What do HGV drivers think of Philip Hammond's budget?

Monday, October 29, 2018

This afternoon, Chancellor Philip Hammond is expected to announce a £30 billion transport fund to improve the UK’s roads, with £420 million dedicated to fixing potholes.

It is estimated that congestion costs UK households more than £30billion every year.

So, talkRADIO’s Alex Dibble went out to ask drivers how it will affect them, and do they think the money is needed?


'It's disgusting petrol is cheaper abroad'

HGV driver Howard said the money was needed because he thinks some roads have become “dangerous”.

“I think it is necessary because the M25 around here is really dangerous,” he said.

“It is really bumpy and when you are in a lorry it really throws you.”

He added: “You could get thrown into the other lane so I think it is very necessary.

“You can just hit a bump and it can throw you over, if you don’t know it is there.

“I drove from Chobham to Stansted across there and it is still bumpy in a car. It is bad.”

Howard also hopes that petrol prices are brought down.

 “I think it is pretty disgusting, you can go abroad and get it a lot cheaper, along with a lot of other things as well,” he added.

“Tobacco is also a lot cheaper abroad; booze as well.”


'Brexit means the UK can spend what it wants'

Roadworks carried out in front of the Houses of Parliament in February this year

Peter, a driver from Lincoln also thinks the £30 billion is needed but that Brexit will be a positive change, because the UK “can spend our money how we want”.

“It is definitely needed. We have been governed by Europe for so long now, it is about time we got our own act together and told them what we are going to do,” he said.

“We need to leave so that we can spend our money how we want to spend it.

Peter added: “They are getting better, where I am from anyway. Most of the big ones have been solved easily. On the minor roads it is a bit more difficult but even most of those are getting done now.”

“When you do hit a pothole, tyres and wheels can get damaged that is the main thing I’ve suffered with in the past.”

Unlike Howard, Peter feels there is not much the UK can do to bring down petrol prices, but he is aware he pays less than people in the south.

“Up where I come from I only pay 1.26p per litre, it is a lot cheaper than down in the south,” he said.

“I think the prices are just how the world market is, we are controlled by the Saudis and what they are going to do, and the Americans.

“We haven’t got our own fuel anymore so we have to rely on others. I don’t think we could even process it here even if we wanted to.”


Additional reporting by Alex Dibble