Boris Johnson and Emily Thornberry: The dinner party couple from hell

"I remember when I fell in love with you. Now you just waffle on."
"OMG here he goes again. He has no idea"
"You'll never guess what she did next..."
"You just have to make a scene, don't you? You can't keep your mouth shut"
"Frankly my dear, your views on Brussels are a load of old tosh"
"You've only cleaned the bathroom TWICE this month"
"Now I remember why we don't bloody go out anymore"

Friday, June 2, 2017

If you wanted a classic example of what an old married couple behave, you got it at the SunTalks debate last night.

Boris Johnson and Emily Thornberry squabbled all night long, but in an amusing and strangely endearing way. If you had no knowledge of the people involved, you'd have been forgiven for thinking there was a weird kind of spark behind them.

For some reason it got us thinking about what they'd be like at a dinner party. You know, one of those annoyingly minted suburban couples you bump into at your friend's housewarming bash who insist on talking nonsense about politics and having a cringeworthy row in full view of the other guests.

Of course, we're not suggesting Johnson and Thornberry have any kind of furtive cross-party fling going on... but it's fun to imagine these things, isn't it? Plus it's Friday afternoon, and we're in a silly mood at talkRADIO towers.

So we've taken some photos from last night's debate and reimagined their meaning. Boris and Em, don't worry, it's all in jest ;(

See the gallery above.