Brexit recordings are massively awkward for Theresa May, says journalist Rupert Myers

Videos, pigs and embarrassment - Find out more about Theresa May's Brexit fears

Theresa May

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Political correspondent Rupert Myers has told Jon Holmes the leaked recordings of Theresa May talking about Brexit are "massive."

Footage was leaked of Theresa May warning against leaving the European Union and revealing her fears, filmed before the referendum took place.

Myers told our Jon that, while May has tried to portray herself as a reluctant remain supporter since the UK voted Leave on June 23, this recording tells a rather different story. 

"She really did think and articulate the case against leaving the European Union, that's massive news," Myers told us.

The pair then veered off on a wild tangent, with Jon suggesting it would have been great to hear the Queen "purring" as David Cameron said she did during a discussion on Scottish independence, and that it was probably a good thing Bill Clinton didn't have a Go-Pro attached to his cigar. 

Listen to the full interview above