Covfefe: What did Donald Trump actually mean?

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Donald Trump has always insisted his way with words is the best - and today he demonstrated that point once again.

In 2015, the then-businessman said he had "the best words."

Indeed, with 'bigly' floating out in the grammersphere, who could deny this?

And now, the US President has granted us a new word to mull over with a late night Twitter post. Even Americans, who invented the word 'winningest', were up in arms.

Covfefe. Interesting turn of phrase. 

It's definitely a typo - but but what did the blonde blunderbuss actually mean to say? Well here are five options. 

1. Coverage

It's the most obvious choice, seeing as he was obviously referring to the press attention he receives. 

2. Coffee

Ok this seems a bit more tangential, but hey, we're speculating right? We're not quite sure how 'coffee' can be negative, but the Don lives in a world of black and right - everything's either good or bad. 

3. Coven

As in a coven of witches. Seems a bit gender-specific, but Donald has been known to throw the odd sexist hand grenade out there. 

4. Convive

A French word meaning 'coexists.' Given Donald doesn't speak French and this word would be completley out of place, we're rating this unlikely.

5. Coiffure

Meaning 'a person's hairstyle.'

Would DT be talking generally about the press hairstyles here, or individually? And given his own choice of hairstyle, which have some cynics have suggested is a wig, is the big man really in any position to throw around insults? Like his overall fitness for the presidency, it's debatable.