Donald Trump, Peter Stringfellow and X Factor - It's the showbiz review with talkSPORT's Reece

Dogs, Donald Trump and Peter Stringfellow - It's the showbiz review with talkSPORT Reece

Donald Trump met Kanye West

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Jon Holmes wanted to find out the latest in showbiz news, so invited talkSPORT's Reece on air to explain.

Reece has no knowledge of, or interest in showbiz, but told Jon the latest news anyway.

Apparently Donald Trump has met Kanye West, in a meeting of just 15 minutes. Reece also said that Peter Stringfellow is moving from Majorca to Italy, and is travelling on RyanAir. But his dogs are travelling on a private jet.

They also discussed the result of the X Factor final.

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