Five jobs Nigel Farage could do for Donald Trump if the ambassador thing doesn't work out

Nigel Farage
Motivational spokesman
Beer taster
Nato exit specialist
Professional crowd warm-up act

Not going to be ambassador, Nigel? Here's some other things you could do for UK-US relations

Monday, November 14, 2016

The Government has made it clear that Nigel Farage has no chance of serving a special ambassador to improve UK-US relations. 

This may be a blow for the charismatic UKIP figurehead, who last week hinted at a diplomatic role for America's president-elect - although he subsequently played down the suggestion as a joke.

But if Nigel is in fact serious about working for the most powerful politician in the world, he shouldn't worry. We've got plenty of other jobs in mind for him.

Check out the gallery above.