Frozenland, Greenland or Land of Ice - What could Iceland change its name to?

Frozenland, Greenland and Land of Ice - What could Iceland change its name to?

It's Iceland vs Iceland – FIGHT!

Friday, November 25, 2016

Iceland's government is taking legal action against the frozen food supermarket Iceland over its name.

Despite the shop being in existence since 1969, the country now want to ensure "the right of Icelandic companies to use the word 'Iceland' in relation to their goods and services."

The supermarket currently owns a Europe-wide trademark registration for the word Iceland.

So we thought we'd help the supermarket out, just in case they have to change their name, with some suggestions of what they could call themselves from the talkRADIO office. 

The most obvious name would be simply grabbing a thesaurus and swapping the word ice for frozen, creating Frozenland.

Chilled Out Foods would work, as it's still obvious that they're selling frozen food – but brings connotations of an easy way to shop, and perhaps super-slow check-out staff. 

Iceland could, of course, remind us of our childhoods: Turkey Dinosaur Land would mean a whole new brand that all parents and children are sure to love.

They could go down another route and take another country's name – like Greenland. Though we think this could be a risky move, diplomatically.

Our favourite? Land of Ice. This keeps in tact the feel of the original moniker, and is simple to remember. You're welcome!