National Christmas Tree Day: The best and worst Christmas trees of 2016

National Christmas Tree Day: The best and worst Christmas trees of 2016

Today is National Christmas Tree Day

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Today is National Christmas Tree Day and many are celebrating the time of year when we can all go mad with decorations.

But as we all know, the focal point of Christmas decorations is most certainly the tree, and whether you put the lights on first or last, they usually all look beautiful.

Some however, are a little more weird and wonderful, whilst others just look a little sad. So here are our best and worst Christmas trees of 2016.

First up is the Christmas tree of celebrity deaths, which, whilst it sounds horrible, is actually quite lovely as each celebrity is celebrated as an angel.

The Twitter user posted her creation online, people such as David Bowie, Prince, Terry Wogan and Alan Rickman are featured on the tree. There's even an angel which doesn't have a face, instead it has an EU flag, but we won't get into politics...

Another fabulous Christmas tree has been put up by Kathryn Burnett, using Harry Potter merchandise.

She told ABC news that it took her eight hours to complete the masterpiece, which uses the sorting hat rather than a star or an angel at the top. She collected the items during her 11 visits to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour in London.

However not every Christmas tree uses such exciting decorations, particularly one in Montreal.

Whilst we agree its height is quite impressive, the rest of the tree is not so much and has suffered a lot of criticism on Twitter. Unfortunately it's even got its own Twitter account named @SapinLaid, meaning Ugly Tree in French. 

Moving on, Cardiff's Christmas tree is certainly not short of decorations, although is actually rather short in itself.

The tree cost £30,000 and is just 12 metres high, the council have apologised for the size of the tree, as people were expecting it to be 40 metres high. That is, if you can call it a tree, as to us it just looks like a lot of baubles.