Nebraska man faces jail after creating explosion to celebrate his baby's gender

Man given ticket after firing rifle into the air to celebrate his baby's gender

This announcement was made with a bang

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

When you find out your baby's gender, it's only natural to be excited and happy about the upcoming new arrival. 

But one man in Nebraska may have taken the announcement a step too far.

When Jon Sterkel and his wife, Ashley, found out their upcoming bundle of joy was going to be a boy, clearly they thought that blowing up a target would be a...unique way to make the announcement. 

And in all fairness, it was. After all, how many people do you know who've blown something up to celebrate their baby's gender?

However, when Sterkel shot the target on rural land outside Scottsbluff, chalk powder packed around it - coloured blue for their little boy - erupted into the air.

Nearby people thought there'd been an explosion. Understandably, they called the police.

In the end, Sterkel had to make what we're expecting was a bashful phone call to the local sheriff's office to explain after he saw a report of an explosion on local news. 

Maybe he was hoping they'd understand. But - while we're sure the sheriff's office congratulated him - they still handed him a misdemeanor ticket for using an exploding target without permission, and the penalty could ultimately be jail-time. 

Perhaps Sterkel wishes he was having a girl after all.