US election 2016: Six things that will definitely happen if Donald Trump beats Hillary Clinton

Six outcomes of the American election - if Donald Trump wins
The dollar will be just as toxic as the pound
Mexican labourers will leave a huge hole in the US economy
US spring breakers will have to find somewhere else to go
Nigel Farage will scale new heights of smugness
Mainstream comedians will get even lazier
Meghan Markle will be spending a lot more time in the UK

Six outcomes of the American election - if Donald Trump wins

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

With just days before the Americans turn out to vote, the result of this momentous run-off looks too close to call.

Donald Trump was lagging way behind in the polls just a week ago, but now the bouffanted billionaire has clawed back thanks to Hillary Clintron's email scandal, with some polls even giving him a shock lead.

For many a Trump presidency is an apocalyptic scenario, but no-one knows for sure how his term in office would play out on the grand scale.

There are some things, however, that we know for sure will happen if the Donald pulls it off.

Here are six of them - check out the gallery by clicking on the arrow in the picture above.