Video of drunk girls dancing on Chinese police car goes viral

Four drunk girls get arrested in China after dancing on a police car

The video did not lead to the result they probably wanted

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Alcohol can make people do things they regret the following morning. But thankfully, a person's embarrassment is rarely shared with anyone outside the immediate circle.

Sometimes, however, the humiliation spreads to a much wider audience - as was the case with four girls in the Chinese city of Guizhou. 

The girls were on a night out in the city, and it's clear they really wanted to dance. 

Apparently a suitable dancefloor wasn't available, so the gang climbed up onto a nearby car and began to cut some awkward shapes. 

It's too bad the car they chose to have this weird little dance party on was a police car. 

After the footage was posted online, edited to include some bling and a cigar, it quickly went viral in China and the four of them were tracked down and arrested. 

However, because they were under the age of 18, no charges were brought against them as police opted for a stern warning instead.

We imagine the shame is probably punishment enough.