'What was it like eating a pig’s lady willy?' - Iain Lee grilled by nine-year-old caller about I'm A Celeb bushtucker trial

'What was it like eating the pig’s lady willy?' - Iain Lee interviewed by nine-year-old caller

Iain Lee spoke about I'm A Celebrity with nine-year-old Haydn

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Iain Lee ended up being interviewed on his own show last night about I'm A Celebrity - by a nine-year-old caller.

Our talkRADIO presenter joked that Haydn's questions were better than ones he'd received in an earlier interview that day.

But the stand out question from the young journalist by far was: "What was it like eating the pig’s lady willy?"

Iain claimed this was the "best question ever" and told Haydn it tasted "bitter" and "it didn't taste very nice, it was very chewy."

But he revealed that far worse than the "pig's lady willy" was the camel brain as "even if I think about it now I can still feel it rising in my chest."

Iain also said when he was presented with a plate of nice food to eat as opposed to the trial food in his final task, he did wonder "how funny would it be if I just sat there and ate the really nice food?" But of course he didn't.

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