'At 11 years old, I knew I should be a woman' - Stephanie Hirst talks about her gender transition

'At 11 years old, I knew I should be a woman' - Stephanie Hirst talks about her gender transition

The radio DJ from Yorkshire has broadcasted from Pride festivals in the past

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Radio DJ Stephanie Hirst has told talkRADIO she knew she was meant to be a woman from "11 years old."

Hirst was born a boy, named Simon, in 1975, but revealed in 2014 she was changing her name to Stephanie and was in the process of gender transitioning.

Her interview comes after Brighton and Hove City Council has received widespread criticism for a letter asking parents to help their child, some as young as four, choose their gender ahead of going to school.

Hirst believes the council "was simply trying to do the right thing" and claims the story has been "blown out of proportion."

And she said her experience with gender dysphoria began at a similar age to those youngsters in Brighton.

Talking to Jonny Gould and Ash, she said: "I didn't wake up one day and decide I was going to grow boobs. Apparently, I'd been saying I wasn't a boy from around the age of three but I was about six when something wasn't right. And at 11 years old, I knew.

"There was a picture taken of me on Radio Aire in Leeds wearing a stripy top. How I'm leaning [in the picture] makes it look as though there is a slight bit of breast growth on my right-hand side. I remember looking at it over and over again and just wishing my breasts were growing."

"When I was a kid, you got a clip around the ear and you were told you were a boy if you expressed you didn't really particularly fit the gender you looked. More and more children are starting to talk about their feelings now. Generationally, as a society, we're starting to talk more about things."

Hirst also revealed she really wrestled with the issue once she began to have increasing success as a DJ.

"The problem was, my career went stratospheric," she added. "Several people said to me, 'the guys wanted to be you, and the girls wanted to be with you'. The more successful my career became, the harder it was to change my gender. Eventually, it was either do it or get off the planet."