Addicted to your phone? 'Constant texting can cause problems in a relationship' talkRADIO told by etiquette expert

'Constant texting could be construed as an indicator of being uncertain in a relationship' - etiquette expert Rosalinda Randall says we must spend time together

We must make time for our relationships

Thursday, May 5, 2016

People in a relationship shouldn't constantly text their partner if they wish to remain with them, an etiquette expert has told talkRADIO.

Rosalinda Randall deals primarily with managing workplace relationships, as covered in her book 'Don't Burp in the Boardroom', but believes people are potentially endangering their personal lives with messaging habits.

"Constant texting could be an indicator of being uncertain in a relationship," she told Jonny Gould on his talkRADIO show. 

"How much do you have to say? Also, it can be so impersonal - could you actually say the words [in person] that you text to someone?

"It depends on the couple, maybe it works for them, but you have to be careful of texts going wrong."

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