Amazing kids who break World Records

Zyla St. Onge - Youngest water skier - six months
Brawly Jacobs - Youngest person to bowl over 100 points - five years old
Ethan Cain - Youngest plate spinner
Ethan Cain - Most hula hoops spun by a five year-old
Blake Beckham - Youngest person to spring 60 feet in under five seconds - five years old

Zyla's parents are both champion water skiers so it makes sense she'd have the knack for it. She took to the skis at the tender age of six months, which is when most of us were merely crawling along. She's clearly very advanced for her age

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

A girl in Florida has broken the world record for the youngest water skier. 

To celebrate, we take a look back at other kids who have broken into the Guiness Book of Records... 

See how talented these little tykes are!