Are prisons too luxurious? Jon Holmes finds out the details

Are prisons too luxurious? Jon Holmes finds out why

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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Hotelier Mark Jenkins claims prisons are too luxurious.

This comes after the news Bexleyheath police station's custody centre was named one of South East London's top B&Bs, after a local newspaper poll commended it for 'friendly staff'.

Jon Holmes wanted to find out from an expert why prisons are so fancy, so he invited Jenkins, who appears on Channel 4 show The Hotel, to explain.

"The reason they're so luxurious is they have a big budget. If you're in a cell for 24 hours it costs £420-430," he revealed. "It's slightly more expensive than a room at The Ritz."

Jenkins was also disgusted with the high quality of food being served in prisons and had some suggestions of his own.

"If I was in charge of the prison service, Lidl would be good enough, they don't need Waitrose," he explained. "Even I don't shop at Waitrose, I can't afford it.

"I think we should stick to porridge, bread and water, they are meant to be punished."

His final idea was doing away with prisons altogether.

"We can always do what we used to do and ship them off to Australia!"