'Bear in mind how other EU countries are going to respond to Brexit,' says Alasdair Sandford

'You've got to bear in mind how other EU countries are going to respond to Brexit', says journalist Alasdair Sandford

Other countries may now block British residents, says the France-based journalist

Friday, June 24, 2016

Journalist Alasdair Sandford says we need to bear in mind how other countries will react to Britain leaving the EU.

Based in France, he says it's big news in his adopted homeland.

"People have been following the campaign, they were very aware it was going to be close," he told Yasmeen Khan.

"It's dominated the news today that there's going to be a Brexit. The Prime Minister saying 'we have to take on board, but we must respect the vote of the British', but equally they say in the next breath we've got to secure Europe.

"What we can say here is there's a lot of uncertainty. I think we can make a distinction between existing residents and other people who might look to travel in the future.

"In the future there may be changes but there's been a lot of angst here [in France] amongst British people in particular. What does it mean, am I not going to have the rights to live here anymore?"

A lot of the Leave campaign was based on controlling immigration, but Sandford points out it works both ways.

"I think you've got to bear in mind, how are countries here going to respond given that a major, main plank in the Brexit argument is we want to take back control of our borders, we need to reduce migration especially from other EU countries.

"It's quite feasible to see that EU countries such as France, Germany, Spain might do the same in reply."