The Big Debate: Do we need paths?

The Big Debate: Do we need paths?

Which direction would you go in without them?

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Jon Holmes asks only the most important questions, and today he's wondering if we need paths.

The uncertainty came after Mark Onley, a resident of Chertsey, started a campaign to force Surrey council to uncover an overgrown path which is historically believed to have been used by monks.

This idea is not one Peter would ever be happy with.

"In an age where we're trying to get closer to nature, I don't think we really need paths spoiling it."

But Steve hit back at those views, worried that, without them, no one would know where they were going.

"You can't just orienteer through life, you need to have a clear route."

The obvious way forward isn't something Peter thought would be fun. In fact. he thinks we should let nature grow wild.

"What could be nicer than your legs brushing through long grass."

All this talk of paths and grass then caused another discussion about the correct pronunciation of many words.

Listen to the full debate and see who you think is correct.