The Big Debate: Fruit. What's the point?

The Big Debate: Should we keep fruit?

Are you eating your five a day?

Monday, May 23, 2016

Jon Holmes brings the latest crucial debate to the attention of the listening public.

Today's topic stems from reports of an Aberdeen firm which has won £2 million-worth of construction contracts for various clients in the north-east of England.

Naturally, the company's approach can therefore be said to be 'bearing fruit'. But what exactly is the point of fruit? And should we keep it?

Never mind the fabled five a day, listener Claude believes the more fruit we have the better.

"We absolutely need more opportunities for fruit, more rights for fruit and more ways in which fruit can contribute meaningfully to our society," he explains.

But Henry finds the sideboard-dwelling vitamin-givers rather intimidating and unpleasant.

"They're the most arrogant of food items," he says. "They sit in a bowl in your kitchen staring at you, and they come in disgusting colours and abnormal shapes."

Who's right? Listen to the full debate and decide for yourself whether it's time to celebrate the wonders of watermelon, or to banish bananas to the bin.