The Big Debate: Should we ban children?

The Big Debate: Should we ban children?

Kids: annoying or cute?

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Jon Holmes is back from the Bank Holiday weekend with a new debate: should we ban children?

The wonderings come after parents took children out of school today, in a strike protesting against their kids taking SATs tests after they were deemed too difficult and stressful.

Andrew is sick of the sight of littl'uns, arguing against their existence.

"Children are completely useless," he complained. "They don't go to work, they can't make dinner for their families, they add no benefit to society."

Frank, however, thinks they may eventually be vital.

"The kids are the future, they can lead the world and go to meet the aliens."

Of course, this won't solve the issue now, as Andrew finds their childish antics annoying.

"Can you imagine me as an adult screaming for attention? It would be selfish."

Do you think they should be banned? Listen to the full debate and see who you agree with.