The Big Debate: Should we ban food?

The Big Debate: Should we ban food?

Could you survive without food?

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Jon Holmes has been wondering - should we ban food?

He started to question this after a marketing campaign for mouthwash included a character having nightmares about losing her teeth, only to wake up and find she had in fact lost a tooth in real life. This sparked complaints from members of the public who think it is unpleasant.

Plenty of 'food' for thought, right?

Douglas agrees with banning food, and believes it would make life a lot easier.

"Some parts of the world have got loads of food, other parts of the world have no food. I think it's a conspiracy from the government, surely we can live without any food?"

Stevie, however, loves food. He can't get enough of it and would need something to replace it.

"If you're not going to have food, what are you going to eat, a balloon? You'd be gassy."

Listen to the full debate and see who you agree with.