The Big Debate: Should we get rid of handles?

The Big Debate: Should we get rid of handles?

Could you 'handle' life without them?

Friday, May 6, 2016

The last debate of this week - handles, could we remove them?

It's the time of year students need to apply for finance, and the student loans company now 'handles' the applications in England and Wales.

So you see where we're going, right?

Enter Gareth and Stevie, who had quite a heated argument about something you wouldn't think would generate such passion.

Gareth couldn't understand the benefits of handles.

He said: "This is health and safety gone mad, if a child injures themselves trying to lift a pot without a handle, then so be it, it's all part of growing up." 

Stevie, meanwhile. thought there would be far more problems than just injuries. "Imagine the holes left in a suitcase... Are you going to push it through the airport with your nose?"

Listen to the full debate to decide if you could live without handles.