The Big Debate: Should we keep light?

The Big Debate: Should we keep light?

Are you afraid of the dark?

Monday, May 9, 2016

The first big debate of the week is here, and today Jon Holmes is asking - should we keep light?

The question was raised after the news of Lakeside pub, situated in Jarrow, being evacuated because their glass washing machine was set 'alight' due to an electrical fault.

Andrew is fed up of light and feels it's unnecessary, and can cause all sorts of problems. 

"Light is damaging to your eyes, and it causes the objectification of women because light bounces off them and men judge them."

Matt, however, says light is not the problem. 

"If it's dark, people are going to hate people for their smell. People are just terrible, and getting rid of light isn't going to change it."

Do you agree or disagree? Listen to the full debate and make up your own mind.