The Big Debate: Is sleeping a waste of time?

The Big Debate: Is sleeping a waste of time?

Sleeping like a baby

Friday, April 29, 2016

Sleep is something everyone does, but could we do without it?

Jon Holmes wants to know. Why, you ask?

Well, this investigation comes after the news slugs haven't slept due to last year's wet summer followed by a warm winter. That has resulted in the country's slug population eating and breeding, instead of hibernating, which could cause a growth in slug population.

Arguing for sleep to end was Jeff, whereas Gareth is a huge fan.

"I sleep as much as I can, it saves on food, it saves money. When you're asleep your carbon footprint is almost zero," he explained. "Have a nap, save a tree."

Of course, we usually use sleep as a source of energy, so this problem would have to be solved if we no longer rested. Jeff came up with a solution.

"We can get enough energy by drinking beer, and all the wind you produce from it can help the wind farms."

Gareth hit back, however: "Do you want to put dream analysers out of a job?"

Listen to the full debate to see who you agree with.