Blinds and supplements! Join Jon Holmes in his 'Lonely Lunch Club'

Blinds and supplements! Jon Holmes' 'Lonely Lunch Club' is back

Supplement shake for lunch anyone?

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Not a day goes by where Jon Holmes isn't cheering someone up over lunch. 

Today he was joined by Myles, who works at an accountants' office, however they'd left him all alone. He thinks it's because it's just 'how they are'.

"Accountants tend to be quite anti-social, unless they're in the pub," he said.

While it could be because accountants just don't like mixing with one another, Myles revealed he sits near the window, which could be another reason why no one has joined him.

"Everyone hates me because I like having the blinds open."

However, Jon thought he might be lonely this lunchtime because of his choice of sustenance - a meal replacement shake!

"I thought it was more interesting than having sandwiches every day."

Listen to the full 'Lonely Lunch Club' and see if you can work out why Myles is by himself.