'Boris Johnson is a colourful way of making a point', says Lord Finkelstein on Theresa May's cabinet

'Boris Johnson is a colourful way of making a point', says commentator Daniel Finkelstein on Theresa May's cabinet

The choice for our new Foreign Secretary has surprised many

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Journalist Lord Daniel Finkelstein says he is surprised Boris Johnson has been appointed as Foreign Secretary.

Prime Minister Theresa May's new cabinet includes the former London Mayor.

"I was a bit surprised at the individual, because I thought after he endorsed Andrea Leadsom for the leadership after he pulled out," he told Paul Ross.

However Lord Finkelstein explains he believes she is making a point about Brexit by appointing those who campaigned for Leave – and believes there could still be a general election.

"Boris Johnson was one colourful way of making that point, especially at the same time as appointing David Davis.

"Having a general election would be to have political advantage, but it wouldn't be political advantage to talk about it and not do it. I don't 100 per cent take the suggestion that she's not going to have a general election seriously."

Andrea Leadsom pulled out of the race for Conservative leadership on Monday, leaving Theresa May as the only candidate. 

Despite this, he isn't sure Leadsom will get a position. 

"Whether she'll get a role in the cabinet, I'm not sure it's absolutely necessary. On the other hand she does want to have a range of women in the cabinet, so its possible with Amber Rudd having moved from Energy Secretary that it suits her.

"It's very different being Home Secretary to being any other minister, but what we do know is when Theresa May takes a stance, she stands by it. She's not one much for doing deals and does do 'my way or the highway' to some extent."