Brexit: Nigel Farage backs Boris Johnson to be Prime Minister if UK votes to leave EU

Nigel Farage backs Boris Johnson to be Prime Minister if UK votes to leave EU

Nigel Farage will support Boris Johnson if the UK votes to leave

Monday, May 16, 2016

Nigel Farage is backing Boris Johnson to be interim Prime Minister if the UK votes to leave the EU next month.

The country will go to the polls on June 23, with former London Mayor Johnson leading the ‘Leave’ campaign.

That is in direct opposition to David Cameron, and UKIP leader Farage feels if he loses the vote, the PM will have no choice but to stand down as the country’s leader. And he believes Farage is perfectly placed to step into the breach, and is keen to work with him.

"If he loses the vote, Cameron has to go and we have to have a pro-Brexit prime minister," Farage told Paul Ross. "It seems to me Boris is well-equipped to do this job.

“If he does that (take over as PM), he has to negotiate our way out of this particular union. I lead the biggest group in the European Parliament, we have two dozen UKIP MEPs, and I would say to Mr Johnson – a couple of days after he's made Prime Minister - 'if there's anything we can do in Brussels to use our position and influence, we will work with you hand-in-hand'."

Johnson found himself under fire at the weekend for suggesting the EU wants to build a superstate, ‘just as Hitler did’.

He said attempts to unify Europe by people like "Napoleon and Hitler" always "ended tragically", and "the EU was attempting to do this by different methods."

Farage, however, defended Johnson's comments. 

"He was making a bigger broader point,” he added. "Through history, there have been several attempts to unify Europe through force.

"It's happening again, except it's not through force. They're using our money to bribe people, and [doing it through] stealth, deceit and lies."