Brexit: £9m cost of 'taxpayer-funded' pro-EU leaflet is 'quite wrong', says John Redwood MP

Brexit: £9m cost of 'taxpayer-funded' pro-EU leaflet is 'quite wrong', says John Redwood MP

John Redwood MP

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Conservative MP for Wokingham, John Redwood, has slammed the government's decision to post a pro-EU leaflet to every UK home - at the cost of more than £9million of taxpayers' money.

The decision has sparked fury among Eurosceptics, and Redwood insists this expense throws all traditional rules out of the window.

"I think it's quite wrong to spend taxpayers' money on what is an election," he told Paul Ross. "We have a long tradition to allow all sides in an election to spend up to specified limits so there is fairness between the parties competing for the votes of the public. This breaks all those rules."

The document claims to lay out the facts, saying leaving the EU would cause an 'economic shock' that would de-value the pound and endanger more than three million jobs.

Redwood, however, disagrees completely with those statements.

"I think once we leave, we'll be better off," he added. "We'll immediately have £10billion extra each year to spend on our priorities. We'll be able to get rid of austerity.

"They [the Stay campaign] are constantly trying to threaten us and worry us, and the threats are growing more and more ludicrous. That's why they are struggling in this current campaign."