Brexit: 'Remaining in Europe would be a calamity,' says UKIP's Neil Hamilton

'I've been against the EU ever since it started', claims politician Neil Hamilton

Neil Hamilton says it is "absurd" to suggest Britain could not survive outside the EU

Monday, May 23, 2016

UKIP MP Neil Hamilton insists the EU is "systemically idiotic" and that the United Kingdom remaining in Europe would be a "calamity".

"I've been against the EU ever since it started. I joined the anti-common market league as long ago as 1967," the leader of UKIP in the Welsh Assembly told Paul Ross. 

"There are 120 to 130 countries in the world that are not in the EU and they seem to get along perfectly happily, and we would be just the same.

We [have] the fifth largest economy in the world – the idea that we can't survive on our own is absurd."

Hamilton's comments come with just a month to go until the EU referendum, which takes place across the UK on 23rd June.

It is a vote that the former Conservative government minister believes should only go one way, with concerns over immigration a key reason to opt for independence. 

"As far as the future of the EU is concerned, I think it's going to be a calamity because the Eurozone is systemically idiotic," he said. "It's basically Germany ruling the roost. Countries like Greece, Spain, Italy, and even France, can't keep up.

"We're adding a city the size of Cardiff to our population every year through immigration alone. We're not against immigration, but we do need to be able to regulate the flow."

While Hamilton remains keen to see the UK exit the EU, he does not believe that Wales will follow suit in seeking independence from a larger union. 

"There's no appetite for formal independence [from the UK] in Wales," he explained. "Frankly the overwhelming majority of people in Wales think it's pie in the sky, it's just not an issue."