Chilcot: 'It won't support the conspiracy theories', says journalist John Rentoul

Chilcot: 'It won't support the conspiracy theories', says journalist John Rentoul

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair authorised the war with Iraq

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The Chilcot Report will be published later today, and while many expect Tony Blair to be heavily criticised, political commentator John Rentoul believes it will say he was "acting in good faith".

The report, which has taken seven years to compile, will look into the Iraq War, and runs to 2.6m words.

Journalist Rentoul believes Blair will be pleased to see the report finally emerge.

"I think he's looking forward to the chance finally to defend himself, after quite a long time of having to avoid getting too involved in the detail," he told Paul Ross.

"I do think it will be critical of some people, but it won't support the conspiracy theories for the people who've made up their mind that Tony Blair is a bad man. I think it will probably accept that he was acting in good faith throughout. They won't say he lied or took us to war on a false prospectus."

"It's not going to say it was a good idea. I don't think anyone could possibly say that, it is a very serious business. It's a very serious disaster that's unfolded because of what we did."

He believes decision were made in good faith.


"The point was that everyone had thought Saddam had got weapons of mass destruction, because of the way he'd been behaving and hiding what he had and obstructing the inspectors who were trying to find out, so it was reasonable to assume he had weapons and was a threat."

"What Tony Blair has always said is he wants all the information out there and then people can make up their own minds."