Chilcot: 'There should be charges laid against Tony Blair', says Ken Livingstone

Chilcot: 'There should be charges laid against Tony Blair', says Ken Livingstone

Livingstone said he'd rather live under Saddam than in modern Iraq

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Ken Livingstone believes Tony Blair should face charges in the aftermath of the Chilcot Report.

The report revealed "the UK military role in Iraq ended a very long way from success," and it was “not a last resort." Livingstone believes this was already clear.

"It's all been known for some time, this is just a good definitive report that shows it is all true," he told Sam Delaney. "[Tony Blair] never gave all the information to the cabinet, it was all done in one-to-one meetings.

"I think there should be charges laid against [Tony Blair], because he clearly withheld vital information from the other members of the cabinet," he added. "That led to the deaths of at least 100,000 people out in Iraq."

"Our troops weren't given the time to prepare, they were sent out in a great hurry, with great rush, without proper equipment and many more of them died and got serious injuries. We could have had a whole year preparing not just a few weeks.

"The simple fact is that the UN weapons inspectors who were working in Iraq had found no evidence of weapons of mass destruction at all."

The former London Mayor believes the war worsened life in the Middle East.

"if you were to say to me would I rather be living in Iraq today, or Iraq under Saddam Hussain, I'd choose under Saddam Hussain," he explained.

"The whole of Iraq has gone back in to a bitter religiously divided, almost feudal system, whereas Saddam Husssain was brutal to his enemies, but he kept all the Islamist militants in check.

"We just cleared the way for ISIS and other terror groups to move in.

"It was about America defending its corporate interest and its domination over the global economy."