Danger UXT! That's unexploded tomato!

Don't like tomatoes? Here's another reason to hate them

Beware of the juicy explosions

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Don't like tomatoes? Here's another reason to hate them.

A batch of tinned tomatoes has been recalled in Australia because they were deemed potentially explosive!

The problem was caused by a packaging fault which meant there was too much pressure in the can, but now there are fears over the use of tomatoes.

And that was too good an opportunity for Jon Holmes to miss out on, so he sought advice from military expert Colonel Richard Kemp.

This is what he said about the potetnial threat from tomatoes.

"You can use them as a hand grenade, you can connect up a can opener and detonate them remotely," he revealed.  "The most important thing is to ban all tins of tomatoes, all tomato products and the growing of tomatoes.

"We have to ban allotments as well, because who's going to monitor them?"