Defending mothers' breastfeeding selfies

Defending mothers' breastfeeding selfies

A woman breastfeeds her child

Monday, April 4, 2016

Nik Harris from La Leche League joined Jonny Gould and Ash to defend the “brelfie” - the breastfeeding selfie.

The growing trend has swept across social media with one in five breastfeeding mothers claiming they have shared one. However the trend has received some backlash from disgusted social media users.

“For a lot of mums, the reality of life before babies was Facebook and selfies and that's just a normal continuation," Mrs Harris told Jonny and Ash. "Also, for some mums it might be the only connection they have in the whole day.”

She said some mums are stuck inside feeling isolated, frightened to go out in case they get shamed if the baby needs to feed.

"But at home, they can connect. They might not have spoken to another person. I don't think it's a way of using breastfeeding to say ‘aren't I great?’ It's just to say, ‘this is my normal day, look at my lovely baby’.”