Donald Trump campaign: 'It's been a bit of an act - now he'll try to be more like a President'

'He has it in him to make a shift' - Author Michael D'Antonio on Donald Trump's planned election moves after becoming 'presumptive' candidate

Donald Trump campaigning in Indiana prior to becoming 'presumptive' candidate

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Donald Trump has been putting on an act to gain attention and will change strategy to become President, talkRADIO has been told.

The outspoken billionaire has confounded conventional political wisdom to become the 'presumptive' candidate for the Republican Party, ahead of this year's US presidential election.

Michael D'Antonio, author of "Never Enough: Donald Trump and the Pursuit of Success", revealed on talkRADIO's Jonny Gould show how he believes Trump will approach the race for the White House.

"He does have it in him to make a shift [in approach]," he told Jonny Gould. "I do think all of this has been, to one degree or another, a bit of an act."

"He was willing to go further than anyone else to get attention. Now he's going to try to seem more 'regular', more like a President."

While he feels Hilary Clinton will eventually defeat Trump, D'Antonio believes that contrary to suggestions Trump would be a loose cannon President, there would be checks on any power he might yield. 

"He very much enjoys being a figurehead," the biographer added. "If he can enlist the wise people who remain in the Republican Party - and some of them are fleeing - we would be safe."