Donald Trump: Inside the mind of the man who could be president of the USA

Donald Trump: Inside the mind of the man who could be president of the USA

Donald Trump arrives for the Republican presidential debate in Cleveland, Ohio

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Professor Michael D'Antonio. the author of "Never Enough: Donald Trump and the Pursuit of Success", has given talkRADIO a unique perspective into the mind of Donald Trump.

A potential candidate for the presidency of the United States, Trump has polarised opinion with controversial comments during his election campaign for the Republican nomination. But there can be no doubt he has won over some voters in America. 

In an interview on Jonny Gould feat. Ash, Professor D'Antonio revealed more about the workings of the man himself and provided an insight into the tools he has used to build his following in the presidential race.

On his position in the election cycle: “I think he’s identified mainly as an entertainer. A majority of voters know him as the host of The Apprentice and a bombastic character. In our politics, we’ve also veered to entertainment more and more with each election cycle, so the idea that someone might succeed by this kind of inflammatory rhetoric and outrageous behaviour isn’t so far-fetched.”

On his political viewpoint: “He is primarily an opportunist when it comes to politics. So if he sees an opening where a certain policy or a combination of ideas may grab attention, it really doesn’t matter what position he takes if he thinks there’s game to be made.”

On his methods to win over voters: He’s very gifted at tapping into emotion and he’s really good at giving people permission to be angry and to act out their worst impulses. He’s the one person who will take our worst characteristics and exploit them and express them in a way people will find thrilling, if not chilling. He’s really gifted at saying things that are inflammatory in a way that deflects responsibility and this is very dangerous. This guy knows precisely what he’s doing and he doesn’t care." 

On foreign policy: “Presidents now seem to be able to take military action unilaterally with the slightest provocation. I do worry about how Donald would respond to a terrorist attack on the US. He could even respond to an attack on an American ally in a way that would precipitate more damage than Iraq.”

On the infamous Mexico ‘wall’ comment: “It’s the kind of thing where if the wall is 14 feet tall, there’ll be 15 foot ladders. It’s a ridiculous concept. Everyone knows it. This is what’s so strange about his appeal. We all know he’s foolish, and yet people are voting for him. The method is clear, the unseemliness and ugliness of it is clear, and on he marches. That’s the truly disturbing element of it all.”

On his ultimate goal: “He doesn’t care about internationalism. He doesn’t care about reaching across the Atlantic, he cares about Donald Trump and his power and his pursuit of the American voter. He’ll say or do anything to get that.”