Drug education 'needs to be more comprehensive,' says expert after 12-year old ecstasy shock

Drugs education 'needs to be more comprehensive,' says Drugwise expert after Salford girls who took 'Teddy' ecstasy stabilise

Three girls were admitted to hospital after taking ecstasy pills with a soft drink

Monday, June 20, 2016

A expert from the Drugwise charity has called for drugs education to be more comprehensive across the UK. 

This follows the news that three 12 year-old girls are now in a stable condion, after being rushed to hospital for taking 'Teddy' ecstasy mixed with a soft drink.

Shapiro, the director of the online drug information resource, assured listeners that drug-related issues at their age is not common.

"Instances where children as young as 12 get hold of [drugs] are extremely rare," he told Julia Hartley-Brewer. "It's very rare for people as young as this to voluntarily take these things, although accidents can happen.

"The risks are different with every drug, it's a much more complicated issue."

Shapiro told listeners drugs awareness is a lottery across the UK.

"For several years and with different governments, various charities have been trying to get drugs awareness as part of the national curriculum. 

"This means coverage of drug and alcohol education is very patchy - some schools do it well, others don't.

"It needs to be more comprehensive, with proper training."