EU Referendum: 'A blatant scaremongering campaign', MP Bill Cash

'It's been an absolute blatant scaremongering campaign', Sir Bill Cash on the EU referendum

Voters who opt to stay in the EU will get 'more of the same' says Tory MP

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Prominent eurosceptic MP Bill Cash has told talkRADIO that the Remain supporters have carried out "an absolutely blatant scaremongering campaign" in their bid to convince voters to opt for Britain staying in the European Union.

Cash, the Conservative MP for Stone in Staffordshire, does not support his leader's enthusiasm for the EU, and insists that despite the prime minister's protestations to the contrary, negotiations to win benefits for Britain within the Union will come to nothing.

"[The public] will be voting for the existing European Union if they want to remain in, with all its problems," Cash told Paul Ross.

"[The Remain Campaign] will not know whether there is going to be an actual change in any one of the rather minimal negotiating things that [Cameron] says he has secured.

"He has not secured them, because it is impossible to say that there will be actual treaty change.

"There will be no change between now and 23 June, and nobody can guarantee there will be after."

Responding to the prime minister's widely reported suggestion in May that leaving the EU could lead to "war and genocide", Cash said: "I think it was a ridiculous statement to make. Of course it's not going to happen. 

"It's been an absolutely blatant scaremongering campaign."