EU referendum: 'It's much more complicated than a newspaper headline', says Alastair Campbell

EU referendum: 'It's much more complicated than a newspaper headline', says Alastair Campbell

The former Labour communications director has advised voters to dig deep into the facts about the EU

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Following The Sun's front page headline 'BeLEAVE in Britain’ today, former Labour Party communications director Alastair Campbell warned that it is "important people look at the facts" about the EU referendum.

"It's not a surprise, because they've been banging on about how much they hate the European Union," Campbell told Sam Delaney. "I think it's much more complicated than a newspaper headlines is ever going to tell you.

"If [the public] believe The Sun, or if they believe the political leaders, they would have decided [by now]. It is about people making up their own minds in their own way.

"I think it's important that people really drill down on the facts."

Tony Blair's former spokesman commented on the differences between Remain and Leave campaigns.

"People on both sides feel very passionately, I think one of the things that's happened is the Leave campaign for too long had a monopoly on the passion.

"Even the Leave people have basically said they've lost the economic argument. That's why they have to focus all the time on immigration.

"They tend to put a one-sided view, portraying all immigrants as people who are coming over here and taking all of our benefits, when in fact they're net contributors to the economy."

Campbell called for people to make an educated vote in the referendum, which takes place on 23 June. 

"Try to cut through the noise. It's very difficult, but what’s fascinating about this is it's much more than an election.

"I'm getting stopped by people in the street and on trains, almost like they’re in agony about it. I think that's when politicians needs to have a bit more responsibility in the way they put the case."