Euro 2016: Removing England may be 'short term solution' to violence, warns ex-FA chief

England may end up facing consequences for trouble, even when they're not full to blame, says Palios

Violent scenes during the England vs. Russia game

Monday, June 13, 2016

Former FA chief executive Mark Palios has said that removing England from the Euros may be used as a "short term solution" following a problem-plagued start to the tournament.

UEFA have warned that England, alongside Russia, may be removed from the competition, if fan violence continues. Meanwhile the French government have claimed that fans' poor behaviour is distracting from the fight against terrorism.

"I think you have to accept that yes, it is a realistic option they may decide to take," Palios told Sam Delaney. "Even if it's not necessarily all England’s fault, it may be that that in the short term, it is a solution.

"There are a lot of questions to be asked of the organising authorities before you jump to the nuclear option of exiting England from the games. Having said that, because they are where they are, that may be something they have to get down to.

"The danger is of course that people will target the English fans."

He also commented on the apparent organisation of the Russian hooligans, and how security should have been better prepared.

"The most disturbing thing in all of this, is it appears the Russian fans in particular were well organised. One of the things you do before a competition is – on a intelligence led basis – you pick off the guys that are organising the crimes. It doesn't seem that has happens in relation to the Russians."

And after a Russian MP and FA official also praised the fans for fighting, Palios worries about the location for the next World Cup.

"That gives you great concerns regarding the safety of fans going to the World Cup in two years time. I think it's time for FIFA to get on top of this, because I think they have a duty of care to all fans."